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Tyler Crosson
I think Instagram is DEFINITELY PO'd at how bad the IPO has been.

I think Facebook should have gone with NYSE and there's reports they actually are considering making the change. Link:

I also believe Facebook was over-hyped and over-priced for its actual dollars. The valuation was handled completely wrong. I'm not an economic expert, but if your revenues are only $2-$3 billion per year, why should you be valued at nearly 100x that? Even Google and Apple are only valued at 10 - 15 times what they actually bring in revenue! :-)
683 days ago
James Lee
Not to troll this thread, but perhaps just to revive it... regarding Robin's post below about Facebook purchasing Instagram from $1 Billion, 75% of that was with private stock. Do you think Instagram is a little PO'd at how FB's IPO is doing? $1 Billion that fluctuates like crazy!! So, now that that little factoid is out of the way, how do you think FB could have better handled their IPO?
683 days ago
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