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    I matter not only to myself, I matter to the world. By believing these words I am able to throw myself into anything I do. I currently work with charities and not for profits.

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Saturday, 07 April 2012 02:28
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2 years ago
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    2 years ago
  • Bev
    2 years ago

    Just arrived here and looking forward to seeing how it might fit into my Social Media strategy. With so many places out there it is difficult to find one that actually has everything you want, so here's hoping.

    Brandiee Sjaarda Hey Bev Welcome! I hope we can all help each other out here. What is your speciality and what specialties are you looking for? We are definitely open to suggestions and want to make the site a huge success in helping everyone out in some way. I am open to any suggestions and feedback you have. We are looking to selecting members for the profile of the week ....Would love to feature you. Please update/complete your profile and give us permission to highlight you for our member of the week. That way you can send links to your friends, family, colleagues, and any facebook, twitter LinkedIn, etc connections you have. Any social connections you have or want to build we are there to help you build and strengthen them!

    Thanks for becoming part of the site!
    2 years ago

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