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Quite Possibly The Worst Social (Media) Tactic...And How To Improve It

112987077Now I'm not a fan of putting the word "tactic" in the same sentence as the word "social", for obvious reasons. However, this post is targeting a very specific social business "no-no" of mine, so we'll let this slide for one article.

Recently I've noticed a trend pop up on Twitter, that generally follows this pattern: "Hi followers, please like our Facebook page."

So what's wrong with this, why does it bother me, and what should I do instead? Here goes:

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Five key considerations for brands considering new social sites

112987077To join or not to join. When it comes to new social sites, that is the question brands must ask themselves.

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter continue to be dominant, services like Pinterest and Instagram are attracting more and more individuals. Even Google's social network, Google+, which many were skeptical about, has managed to grow into a respectable channel with more than 100m active monthly users.

For most brands, the growth of social as a channel is a great thing, but the conundrum -- which ones should we join, and which can we ignore -- is increasingly complicated.

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Social Blockbusters: How Facebook and Twitter Are Changing the Movie Business [Infographic]

112987077Blockbuster movies are a summer staple and cash cow for studios producing the latest comic book film, action epic, or laugh out loud comedy. If you think about it, movies have always been a social experience, ever since crowds lined up to see the first motion pictures at the Theater Optique in Paris 120 years ago. Almost everyone has a special memory of lining up at midnight or cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie that kept us on the edge of our seats, laughing for more, or tearing up over a beautiful story.

Long gone are the days of promoting movies solely through traditional marketing. In a world where tweets decide the fate of a movie at the box office, it's no wonder studios are turning to social media to produce and promote the hottest new films. Complex viral campaigns, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts based on characters allow movie-goers to get deeply involved in a movie before it even hits theaters. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms are completely changing the way fans discover new films, purchase tickets, and spread the word.

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Security Alert: German Government tells all users of Internet Explorer... to stop, NOW

112987077The German government is clearly taking the latest critical security problem in Internet Explorer seriously, publicly urging all users to stop browsing the web with the Microsoft product until a patch is available.

The German government's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has published an advisory, telling Internet Explorer users to switch to alternative browsers until a patch is released for a zero day vulnerability that emerged over the weekend.

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Google+ Has 400 Million Members

112987077Google's social network Google+ has more than 400 million members, Google's Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra has announced.

Gundotra posted the news on his Google+ profile today, adding that Google+ also has 100 million monthly active users — if you count in the mobile app.

"This week we also hit an important milestone–over 400,000,000 people have upgraded to Google+. It was only a year ago that we opened public sign-up, and we couldn't have imagined that so many people would join in just 12 months," wrote Gundotra.

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