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This Pinterest-Like Bookmarking Tool Organizes Your Online Life

woman-on-computer-600Name: Clipix

Quick Pitch: Clipix is a simple way to organize your life online.

Genius Idea: Lets users save and organize what they find online to personalized clipboards so they can come back to it whenever they want.

How many times did you have to search for something online that you forgot to save the first time you found it? Probably too many times to count.

To help you organize your life online, Clipix gives you a place to keep everything you find that you want to come back to in the future. Whether it's news articles, recipes or shoes, Clipix lets you save it onto personalized clipboards.

It's simple to use –- just drag the "clip" button to your bookmark bar. When you find something you're interested in online, clip it to a clipboard. Users can also upload PDF files and Word and Excel documents.

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Twitter IPO? Not So Fast, Says Costolo

twitter-new-logo-600Eager investors and IPO cynics alike can cool their jets: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says the company is in no rush to go public.

"We are going to remain private as long as we want," Costolo told the Los Angeles Times this week in a wide-ranging interview about the state of the Twitter union.

"I like being private for all sorts of reasons. It allows us to think about the business and the way we want to grow it ... as opposed to being beholden to a particular way of growing the business, such as quarter to quarter."

Costolo says the slow lane approach isn't because of any concerns about making money or the health of the company.

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Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks

digg logo2Sun Valley and self-driving cars aside, the story of the day today is that social news site Digg has sold its remaining assets for $500K to the NYC-based tech firm Betaworks. While that number is indeed in the ballpark, we're hearing from multiple sources that the total price of the Digg acquisition was
around $16 million, including the price paid for IP by a previously unreported acquirer, LinkedIn.

According to a familiar source, the Washington Post ended up paying $12 million for the Digg team. Around the same time, career social network LinkedIn paid between $3.75 million and $4 million for around 15 different Digg patents including the patent on "click a button to vote up a story."

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Yahoo Confirms, Apologizes For The Email Hack, Says Still Fixing. Plus, Check If You Were Impacted (Non-Yahoo Accounts Apply)

yahoo-logoThere are still a lot of questions about this alleged Yahoo Voices data breach — including whether there was a reason behind the breach in the first place — but Yahoo has now officially confirmed that the data did in fact come from its servers, and that "approximately" 400,000 email addresses and passwords have been leaked in plain text online.
Meanwhile, security specialists are now parsing the data and one has created a script to check if your email address (which doesn't have to be a @yahoo.com address) is among those exposed.

In a statement in which it apologizes for the attack, Yahoo tells us that the data came from an older file from the Yahoo! Contributor Network (which it picked up via its Associated Content acquisition). But it also noted that less than five percent of the emails had valid passwords, and that it is now working to fix the vulnerability that led to the disclosure — note, it didn't say it's fixed yet.

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Storyteller: Create A Website With Content From (Virtually) Anywhere

storytellerAs our content is scattered across sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the idea of a single, standalone website is starting to feel a bit quaint. On the consumer side, we're seeing that with products like About.me and Flavors.me, which try to unify your various social identities in one place. Now a digital agency called Sparkart is tackling the problem from the brand and business side, with a product called Storyteller.

Sparkart founder and CEO Naveen Jain says that Storyteller "is not a toy" — you need basic development skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to use it, because you're building sites that have the branding and functionality that you want. Right now, he says if website developers want to integrate content from other sites, they have to either manually integrate with the API of each and every site, or wait for their content management system to add the relevant upgrade or plug-in. Then, once they're integrated, they'd have to keep track of any changes to the API and its policies. With Storyteller, on the other hand, they can access data from other sites while the platform does all the "heavy lifting."

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