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You'll Never Be Coca-Cola: Social Media Success for Small Business

youll never be coca cola social media success for small business

Why is it that brand giants like Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks and most automotive companies seem to command an effortless, yet powerful, presence in the valuable vehicle that is social media? Click on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even the up and comer, SlideShare, and in seconds, you're graced with expertly crafted, outlet-appropriate material that clearly appeals to the precise audience for each social media platform. It's intimidating for the small business owner, if not a bit panic-inducing. Who has the time? Who has the manpower? Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks and most automotive companies – that's who.

These massive, global entities employ hundreds, sometimes thousands of marketing professionals. Their teams are expansive and specialized, spanning functions like market research, analysis, communications, branding and more. Most companies have even created specialized marketing divisions focusing solely on social platforms. Also, these powerhouses have good reason for popping up everywhere. Their audiences are huge, diverse and perpetually being wooed by fierce competition. Conversely, your business, is you. If you're lucky, you have an employee or two, or maybe you work with a contractor to help with day to day tactics. Even if your audience and client base is respectable, it likely doesn't number in the millions. As useful and lucrative as your social media activities may have been thus far, your efforts probably have not catapulted your sales and visibility to a level that might rival Coke; and here's why. You're not Coca-Cola.

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Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Website SEO

mistakes that will ruin your website SEO

Website SEO is increasingly becoming a concern for all sorts of business owners. For those building their own sites, managing their own pages, or consulting to a web designer may find the following tips helpful to better ensure proper website SEO. There are mistakes that can be made from initial development and even towards further implementation. Nurture your online marketing strategy and avoid these potential website SEO mistakes!

1) A Flash Website: Creating a website entirely of Flash might look and do some pretty snazzy things, but search engines find it hard to index flash sites. Even having a Flash menu will impede your SEO efforts. Think of all that valuable text you worked so hard to create, hidden behind flash but nowhere to be seen in search results! Another big problem with flash is that not everyone will consistently be downloading the latest version of Flash. The only way users will be able to see your website is if they have the latest version. Thus, you might be missing out on SEO value as well as valuable viewers.

2) Too Many Ads: Google made an update in early January 2012 called the "page layout algorithm" with this update came the penalization of websites with too many ads above the fold (too many ads upon arrival of the site page without scrolling). For people with ads that are unsure if they have too many you can use Google's BrowserSize tool to check. The tool will be gone in about a month however, and replaced with a different tool that will be accessible through your Google Analytics dashboard.

3) Page Errors: If you decide at some point or another to redesign your web site, make sure to tell the designer what you have been doing, and make sure that they know what they are doing. Some people might see disappearing traffic after a site change, before you correlate it to the new layout, make sure that if pages have been changed or moved that they are redirected. You do not want to loose valuable link juice that you may have gotten from old pages. You can use 301 redirects to point back to your old pages in this case.

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CES 2013: What's Next in Digital Media

ces 2013 whats next in digital media

"Watching Qualcomm keynote video with wife at dinner table. Better than Seinfeld."
Dan Frommer, @fromedome

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world's largest gadget show where the consumer electronics industry sets out the trends for the coming year, and this year's show was the largest ever. But as the competition intensifies, so does the need to impress. Qualcomm lead the charge with a celebrity-packed keynote including Maroon 5, Big Bird, and Desmond Tutu, along with some especially memorable moments. Keynotes aside, here are some of the bigger trends that will change the way we work and play in 2013:

Your current TV is blurry. Your state-of-the-art Full 1080P HD TV is now blurry according to the television industry as it looks to convince you to upgrade to 4K sets in the coming months. Also know as Ultra HD, 4K sets promise four times the resolution of HD and will be coming from all the major players including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. It's a logical progression from HD and should be more successful than 3D, that let's face it, has failed to take off. The only problem is that 4K content is few and far between at the moment in the home, but at least it is everywhere in movie theatres. Meanwhile, LED and Plasma technologies have been battling it out for years, but both are likely to be replaced by OLED in the near future. A number of companies including LG, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic all had OLED TV sets to show off at CES. For now they're expensive or not available yet. But the picture quality is stunning and clearly the future.

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The Importance of Facebook's New Graph Search

the importance of facebooks new graph search

I've seen a lot of reaction to Facebook's new Graph Search which was announced yesterday, and most of it is negative. The people in my own personal graph on Facebook are skeptical. They say it's not what they want, and they raise a lot of the predictable questions about privacy, and the like. But I think most of that has already been addressed.

But I actually like this new product. Or should I say I like the idea of it. I will have to reserve real judgement on the new offering, which will be rolled out in beta, until I see how it works. In principle, however, I think this is very cool for Facebook, its users, and the future of social. I also think that while this isn't an anything-killer, it definitely has the potential of being a game changer.

First off, despite some headlines, I don't think this is a Google killer by any stretch of the imagination, at least in terms of our normal search habits. This isn't a regular search engine as we know it and Google will still be the search engine of choice for most of us. What it might be, though, is a real threat to some of the underlying framework of Google+ and how that is used to create what Google calls Search, Plus Your World, the search function that is supposed to include the preferences of your friends in your search results.

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5 Easy Ways to Create Content

five easy ways to create content

You probably don't need to be told this but content is the key to long-term success with the web; content is the sole reason why people visit your website in the first place.

But what happens when you're getting behind on work and need to push out something new to your audience?

In the following section, you'll learn about a multitude of easy ways to get new content to your website by barely lifting a finger:

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