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Facebook And Partners Launch Social Jobs App With 1.7M Listings

Facebook And Partners Launch Social Jobs App With 1.7M ListingsThe Social Jobs Partnership — an initiative that includes The US Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), DirectEmployers Association, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, and Facebook — is launching a new Social Jobs Application today, where recruiters can share job listings with the Facebook community.

At launch, the application includes 1.7 million listings from BranchOut, DirectEmployers, Work4Labs, Jobvite, and Monster.com, which can be sorted based on industry, location, and skills.

The post announcing the new app emphasizes the important role that Facebook already plays in the hiring process. It cites NACE data showing that half of employers are using Facebook for hiring, with 54 percent of those companies saying that Facebook will become an even more important part of the process in the near future.

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24 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Are you looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing?social media examiner

Do you want new tools to simplify your job?

We asked a group of social media pros for the hottest social media tools they use today.

Check them out to see if these social media tools are a good fit for you!

#1: Unlock to Share Plugin

My favorite social marketing tool of all time is the unlock to share plugin. What is it? It's a simple plugin that "unlocks" additional content when your web visitors share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Why is this so valuable? Well, today everyone has a Like button on their site. But if you want your audience to share your stuff, you need to give them a little incentive! That's exactly what this plugin does.

In my most recent experiment, I had 452 people land on a page where they had access to royalty-free music they could use in their videos. If you shared the post, I gave you an additional five music tracks. Out of those 452 visitors, 379 shared to unlock those five extra songs! That's 84%!

These unlock to share plugins are everywhere. The one I used was found over on CodeCanyon.

James Wedmore, co-founder of Video Traffic Academy and founder of Video Sales Magic and Video Copy Pro.

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Is Social Media Bad For Business?

112987077Just when you thought it was settled that your business should leverage social media, someone goes and makes you think twice. On Friday, Jeff Wilson, Partner/Chief Customer Experience Designer at Sensei Marketing, published a post entitled "Social Media is Creating Bad Customers" that is sparking discussion among digital marketers.

In the post, Wilson argues that social media equips the average person with four "factors empowering bad behavior, particularly against companies:" (1) No Guilt (2) The Mob (3) Relative Anonymity and (4) No Accountability. He points to the #McDStories disaster, when customers shared negative stories about McDonalds on Twitter, as an example of how social media is having this negative effect.

While the risks Wilson highlights are real in some cases, the risks of not using social media are even greater. How did I find Wilson's post (and consequently Sensei Marketing)? I saw a tweet from Sam Fiorella, another Partner at the firm and marketing guru, who shared it.

As Fiorella adds in the comments stream of Wilson's post:

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Social Media and Politics - How the Two Are Interlinked

112987077Ever since it arrived in 2005, social media has gradually woven its way into the fabric of most people's daily lives. Now used as both a professional and personal way of communication, almost all educational, commercial and political organisations rely on social media as a key way of communicating with the public.

One of the most interesting areas of development is the ongoing relationship between social media and politics. Despite being seen as something of an awkward union by a large number of people, there's no doubt that it has provided those in power with a far easier way of talking to the general public. As the number of users on social media has increased year by year, politicians have identified sites like Facebook and Twitter as key places to talk to their constituents and reach a far wider target audience. This is both a good and bad thing:

Why It's Good

As well as the huge numbers of users, social media's increasing popularity and instantaneous appeal have made it ideal for politicians to communicate with younger people.

Younger people are traditionally seen as the most difficult political demographic to engage and, as they tend to more active on social media, this is something political parties have been keen to take advantage of and use in their battle for public support and votes.

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Embrace the Chaos of Social Marketing

112987077Social Media is Chaotic

It is well understood that it's impossible to know what's going to happen a year from now in regards to social media. I'd purport that it's even impossible to know what will happen ten minutes from now in social media, as many brands are well aware - one wrong comment, one social media manager mistake, one ignored customer complaint - they can cause what seemed to be a normal day to become a very chaotic and very not normal day... 

It's not a secret that the world of social media changes so much it's become a very fluid and always changing industry. What was 'hot' one day, might not be the next. The reason? We're dealing with people, and there's no easy way to predict what people will do. Especially when you start talking over a billion people now on Facebook alone. When there's that many people communicating on a given platform, it's naturally going to be chaotic due to the varying opinions, thoughts, actions, responses/communication and perspectives.

What NOT to do when faced with Chaos in Social Marketing

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