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Mobile Marketing Click-Through Rates (CTRs) 19.3% v 4.2% for Email

mobile marketing click through rate vs email

Mobile marketing has been around for a long time now and has become fairly commonplace in the marketing mix for many experienced marketers and small business owners. However something you don't hear a lot about in mobile marketing is text message click-through rates (CTR) – i.e. the rate at which consumers click on links embedded within text messages sent as part of a sms marketing campaign. In fact, if you look up CTR in Wikipedia they don't even mention CTR in SMS at all! By definition it's the number of times an ad is shown (impressions) divided by the number of times that it is clicked on and then expressed as a percentage.

As a mobile marketing company who specialise in sms marketing it's imperative that we constantly measure the effectiveness of sms marketing and compare it to other forms of marketing. So as embedded web links are becoming increasingly more popular in sms campaigns how does their CTR stack up compared to other forms or marketing and digital advertising? First of all lets compare it to email marketing which has a lot of functional similarities to sms marketing.

E-Mails: According to MailChimp the world leader in email marketing the average CTR they receive through their millions of email marketing campaigns is a pretty meager 4.2%. So in real terms for every 1000 people who see the link about 40 will click on it.

Text Messages: According to the American mobile marketing company TextBoard, the average click through rate on marketing text messages is a much larger 19.3%. That sounds very impressive right? However when you consider that many may not have a smartphone and therefore not capable of running a web browser, and others who do have smart phones may not have data plans, the CTR is even more impressive. In real terms for every 1000 people who view the text message about 200 will click on the link.

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The Most Important Factor for Successful Social Media Marketing in 2013

the most important factor to success in social media marketing in 2013

There will be many businesses reviewing and examining their social media engagement in the next few weeks, with the start of a new year.

And one of the most pressing elements for those businesses engaging online will be how to deliver successful social media marketing in 2013.

I believe there's only one important factor which makes for successful social media marketing. One factor. One word.


By 'balance', I mean the ability to effectively manage a range of important ongoing considerations within a well-planned social media strategy. Balance is at the heart of a successful social media marketing campaign, and failing to maintain it can be costly.

So, when considering how, where, when and why to deliver social media engagement in 2013, it's also worth considering if you're achieving a reasonable balance in your social media marketing, including:

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9 Steps to Pinterest Web Traffic Success

9 steps to pinterest web traffic success

No doubt about it, Pinterest was hot in 2012 having more than doubled its user base since January which should come as no surprise to anyone in the digital marketing world.

There is a big misconception out there that Pinterest is only useful to ecommerce sites. This couldn't be further from the truth. Like any other widely-used social network, just about anyone can find success with Pinterest if used creatively.

I write for five different blogs that cover a number of topics and I use my Pinterest account to publicize almost all of my posts. In jless than a year, Pinterest has leapfrogged sites like Twitter and StumbleUpon to become the number four referred to both of my sites behind Google search, Facebook and Google+ (yes there is value in Google+ if used correctly, but that is a topic for a different day).

While I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with any social network before you rely on it for site traffic, one of the great things about Pinterest is that success on the network is not dependent on being a superuser.

Consider this- I have roughly 30,000 Twitter followers and tweet every blog post twice after its published. Meanwhile, I only have 600 Pinterest followers and pin each post only once. As I mentioned earlier, its close, but I regularly see more traffic referred to my sites from Pinterest than Twitter. This should illustrate just how powerful Pinterest can be for content discovery and traffic generation- regardless of the size of your following.


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Five Predictions for Social Media in 2013

5 social media predictions for 2013

2012 saw many significant developments for social media, with the industry continuing to establish itself as a serious contender for marketing budget and tools embedding themselves as part of everyday life, from the Wii U's in-game social networking capabilities to the use of mass-market social networks during regime changes in the Middle East.

What can we expect to see over the next year? Here are my five predictions for social media in 2013...

1. Internal investment expands

The creation of community manager and social media manager roles has exploded over the past two years, with an increasing number of companies realising social marketing and community building is not something that can either be done as a side-line or by a couple of interns. In fact, the big news yesterday was that Nike have taken the whole of their social media marketing inhouse in order to 'get closer to their customers'. We've seen plenty of self-created crises this year which could have been avoided by a judicious hiring strategy focused on quality. In addition, social media marketing is becoming fragmented, requiring specialists for specific elements such as content strategy and customer service. This will lead to either greater internal training for existing specialist teams, or recruitment for specialists into the social team.

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