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Utilizing YouTube's Social Power

Utilizing YouTubes Social Power

The web is chock-full of videos. Every minute, 72 hours of video is added to YouTube. Companies, teenagers, news organizations and everyone in-between uploads content to the popular video site. What many forget, however, is the social aspect of the site and the power of that social component.

Going Viral

Everyone wants a video to go viral. That is, unless it is an embarrassing one. Although most videos will rarely see the light of day, some have the potential to gain a wide audience. With YouTube, a video can go from one thousand views to one million views in as little as a day.

Many videos that rapidly gain an audience are those which have an active comments section. Yes, enabling comments is an intimidating prospect, but it is also a boon to views and notoriety. Individuals and groups who comment on a video often visit that video again and again to see how the conversation is progressing.

An entertaining or informational video that offers an active comment board often gains views quite rapidly. A video with a significant amount of views and likes often equates to more views and likes/dislikes. As the comment section grows, so too does the community around a video or a video uploader.

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Free Five Step Plan to Define a Successful Social Media Strategy

Free Five Step Plan to Define a Successful Social Media Strategy

Whether you are an expert or a brand new novice, there's still no substitute for a good, concrete social media marketing plan. This easy-to-implement outline highlights five simple yet critical steps to help you organize and implement your social media efforts.

1. Get Organizational Buy-In

Support for your effort is crucial. Download the newly updated Definitive Guide to Social Marketing and take a close look on its chapter on building a business case – you'll find helpful tips for getting buy-in at all levels. Click here to download.

2. Develop A Plan

A good social plan looks different for every organization. This useful Social Media Tactical Plan will help you develop a social plan that is customized to your personal goals. Click here to download.

3. Set Expectations

Every social channel is different. This comprehensive Social Media Cheat Sheet Series will help you set expectations and optimize your efforts on each of the six major social channels, from Twitter to Pinterest. Click here to download.

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Saving Time Through Social Network Management Tools

Saving Time Through Social Network Management Tools

Although a dominating force, there are many social networks other than Facebook that individuals and businesses are able to take advantage of. With Twitter, LinkedIn, and a field of other social networks, the amount of time that is take to post on each individual platform is significant.

There are, however, a variety of tools that are designed to eliminate the time it takes to post on multiple social network accounts.


With the acquisition of Ping.fm and the addition of various tools, HootSuite is leading the field when it comes to managing multiple social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ can be updated and managed through this single platform. With each added account, individuals and small businesses are able to save time by updating statuses simultaneously.

Worried about duplicate content? HootSuite allows individuals to schedule postings ahead of time. This allows for unique posts on various sites without the need to log in and visit various sites. With analytic tools and other advanced options, HootSuite allows members to take their social media participation to the next level.


Much like the variety of social networks available, so too is there variety in applications and programs designed to manage said social networks. PostLing allows users to not only post to each of their social network accounts, but also to view postings that refer to them as well. With a daily email digest that showcases activity across most social media platforms, this application is capable of saving users hours each week.

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Clients Ask the Wrong Questions


Sometimes we care about the wrong things, especially when it comes to an SEO audit, or link building. We've trusted the wrong company and been burned, or heard enough war stories that we're super cautious about who we're going to get into bed with for our search marketing needs. How do you find an SEO consultant you can trust? More often than not you're asking the wrong questions and stumbling on the self-proclaimed "best SEO companies," but missing the real experts. Michael Cottam brings us a guest post on the five questions you should NOT be asking your potential SEO agency.

I'm frequently running into new prospective clients who've embraced the dark side of SEO. It's like they've begun their Jedi training under Lord Vader, instead of Yoda. Then like Anakin Skywalker, they got their arm cut off by a penguin (take another look at Christopher Lee as Count Dooku, and tell me I'm wrong).

So they come to me wary, wanting to ask all the right questions so that their next SEO expert doesn't cause them to get their other arm lopped off too. But, their understanding of SEO from their previous consultant–master of the Dark Side–has them asking all the wrong questions.

Here's my list of my 5 least favorite pre-engagement questions from potential clients who are recovering from a past SEO relationship gone bad.

1) "Can you show me an example of an SEO audit you did for another customer?"
Two words: client confidentiality. If you use a real document from a past client, you're going to have to redact much of it.


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The Unique Benefits of Each Social Platform

the unique benefits of each social platform

Businesses today are starting to understand the value of social media for marketing and are turning their attention to integrating these various platforms into their strategy. Marketing plans that continue to solely focus on traditional methods and do not include social strategies are archaic and ineffective in today's social world. However, with multiple social platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to understand how to manage each account.

When managing multiple social media accounts, it's important to understand that not all platforms were created equal. Each platform (though there are some similarities) functions independently with its own unique qualities. As a result, social media managers must treat each platform as such. Let's take a closer look at the best ways to integrate the most popular social networks that businesses use today.

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