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A Startup's Guide to Social Media ROI

112987077When starting a business, it's vital that every business owner focus on the term "return on investment." ROI is the ratio of the amount of money earned based on the cost of an initiative, and it helps gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, expansion plans and even personnel changes. To the extent possible, business owners should take the same approach with social media. Here are some suggestions for getting started with thinking about company's ROI from its social media initiatives.

Calculate costs. Assessing the costs of a social media program is relatively easy. They can be computed simply by using the weekly or monthly salary of the person who handles social media in a company. Or the total cost can be figured out by the number of man-hours it takes for other employees to stay on top of the company's social media efforts, and then multiplying that number by the appropriate hourly wage.

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Facebook begins eliminating Fake "likes"

112987077UPDATE: Facebook spokesman Adam Isserlis told Mashable Thursday that the company began purging fake Likes and removing false pages "this week." The entire process, however, started on Aug. 31 when Facebook announced security improvements in its blog post, Isserlis added.

Facebook has begun eliminating fake Likes on brand Pages, after pledging to ramp up security in August.

On Wednesday, the social network started weeding out bogus Likes caused by compromised accounts, deceived users, malware or purchased bulk Likes, it confirmed to TechCrunch.

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ALERT: 1 Billion Computers Vulnerable to Java Security Exploit

112987077If you own a computer, chances are this news affects you. According to an influential computer security developer, more than 1 billion computers with the Internet plugin Java are vulnerable to a security hole that would allow shifty-eyed hackers the ability to install malware.

The flaw affects anyone running Java 5, 6 or 7, including the most recent version, Java 7 Update 10, released on Sept. 20. As of now, there are no fixes to the Java exploit. But the good news is that no one is currently utilizing the exploit to attack computers.

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Facebook adds "Registered to Vote" Life Event

112987077With Election Day just weeks away, Facebook continued its efforts to push voter registration, following up on its creation of the I'm Voting application with CNN with the addition of a new life event in which users can indicate on their timelines that they have registered to vote.

The social network said in a note on its U.S. Politics on Facebook page that users can share the details of how and why they registered to vote, as well as control who sees the information on their timelines.

More details follow, along with step-by-step instructions, from Facebook's note:

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Small Businesses Win Big through Facebook

112987077Thanks to a partnership between Facebook and American Express, five small businesses earned $25,000 and social media help as part of the Big Break For Small Businesses contest. Casale Jewelers of Staten Island, N.Y.; Hendrick Boards of Orange County, Calif.; Dick Pond Athletics of Chicago; The Produce Box of Raleigh, N.C.; and Dutch Monkey Doughnuts of Cumming, Ga., were the lucky winners.

Hendrick Boards is an eco-friendly skateboard shop owned by David, Donny, and Darren Henderson. The company loves animals, and some proceeds from skateboard and apparel sales go toward a local animal shelter, rescue, or sanctuary. Hendrick has grown its fanbase on Facebook through this benevolent mindset, and it wants to grow to help more pet-minded nonprofits.

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