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Announcing the Largest Online Facebook Marketing Conference - 50% off discount for limited time

fbss12-logoI am very excited to announce Social Media Examiner's newest online summit Facebook Success Summit 2012.   You can get in on the 50%-off sale if you act now. This is an online conference designed to help your business quickly implement effective Facebook marketing strategies and tactics so you can gain more exposure, build a more loyal following and grow your business. And it's fully online! Check it out here:

Your instructors are the world's top Facebook marketing experts. Here's what Facebook Success Summit 2012 will cover:

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Why Would Apple Want To Invest In Twitter--Or Anything Social?

logoApparently, Apple has talked with Twitter about investing several hundred million dollars into the company. Depending on whether you accept the New York Times' version or the later Wall Street Journal's version, Apple discussed the investment in recent months or last year, though there are no talks currently. (A little bird must have told them.)

Either way, I don't quite get it. Yes, I see that Apple CEO Tim Cook said recently, "Does Apple need to be social? Yes." But I don't understand why. Why does a company that seems to do no wrong–or, when it does, nobody cares–need to be social in any way, shape, or form?

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What Will the Internet Look Like in 5 Years?

Social mediaFive years ago, Twitter and the iPhone – now central to most professionals' lives – were just launching. So what's in store for the online world in 2017 and beyond? One of the keenest observers is Doc Searls, co-author of the seminal Internet-era text The Cluetrain Manifesto and author of the newly-released The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge.

To understand our current relationship to technology, he says, it pays to look back at the revolutions that have shaped modern digital life. The first came in the early 1980s, with the advent of the personal computer (and the cloning of it). "Computational power that had only belonged to large corporations was now something anybody could do," says
Searls. "With it, there were endless applications. It was a radical change."

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Facebook: Sponsored Stories Make $1 Million a Day

Facebook logo thinkstockFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Ebersman hosted their first earnings call early Thursday evening.

The three executives spoke primarily about the company's advertising products, which accounted for 86% of its revenue in the second quarter. Zuckerberg emphasized the need to make ads more social — most ads on Facebook right now are not. He noted that Sponsored Stories, Facebook's primary "social" ad product, is now generating $1 million in revenue per day, about half of which comes from mobile.

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Camp Google+: Summer Program for Teens Kicks Off in Cyber Space

Google  campMost of our memories of summer camp involve bug bites, bunk beds and a lack of technology. This summer, camp is taking a new form, on Google+.

Makers Camp on Google+, launched by Make magazine, is a summer program for teens offering daily building projects to "make" just about anything. The 30-day program kicked off July 16 and runs weekdays through August 24.

"We've created the online summer camp experience that we wanted to do physically, but that wasn't practical," Dale Dougherty, founder and publisher of Make magazine, told Mashable. "We want to encourage teens to use the summer to make things, so we're bringing in people who can demonstrate interesting projects."

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