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Social Media Success in Real Life

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Social Media is a tool. It makes it easier to communicate and engage with a large number of people across a very wide geographic area. Social Media is not the goal.

Now that's actually really important so let me say it again, 'Social Media is NOT the goal!" Having 50,000 Facebook Fans means squat if none of them visit your site or buy your product. Businesses operate to make money, not friends. That's why real social media success can only come once you leave social media behind and enter the world of IRL.

Social media IRLIRL, as the kids say, simply means 'In Real Life' or 'offline' or, more appropriate for the marketing world, 'where things get bought'. Businesses use social media to engage with other brands or clients, to research buying decisions, to ask questions, to watch videos of cats and to meet new people. What they don't do is hand over money for goods and services. Why? Because they can't. Outside of being able to buy more cows for your Farmville, there simply isn't the functionality to make large B2B purchases via social media. This is almost guaranteed to change over the coming years but for now, the purchase always takes place on a company website, by phone or in person – IRL.

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What Guys Do on Pinterest


Was it intentional or merely organic? Was Pinterest specifically designed for a female audience or did women just flock to its concept? And when the ladies arrived, did that scare away all the dudes?

The world may never know the answers to these questions, but one thing is for sure: women love Pinterest. Of the Pinterest's 47.8 million users, 72 percent are women. Maybe they are simply responding to Pinterest's thing-based business model - the platform's focus isn't on its social aspects but on its power to catalog the visual web, which consists of photographs of stuff. Stuff is made of things, usually things for sale, which means shopping, which means women love it. But wait, dudes like stuff too, right?

A big part of Pinterest is about food, given that its most followed board is Delicious with 6.9 million followers and the most repinned pin in all of Pinterest is the 104,000+ repins for this garlic cheesy bread. Dudes love garlic cheesy bread, don't they?

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What the Opt-Out Generation Means Long Term


In yesterday's The Three Things, Lindsay Bell-Wheeler linked to a New York Times article about the opt-out generation of women who quit their careers to raise their families and work inside the home.

It made both of our blood boil. Hers because of the women they portrayed (upper-class, country club, 9,000 square foot homes, highly-educated) who have (or had) husbands who made a good enough living for them to "opt out" of the workforce yet maintain their style of living...and are now complaining because they have to move into a 2,500 square foot townhome because of a divorce.

You can read what she wrote in the blog post and in the comments...and get her riled up more.

I agree with all of those things and more.

A Personal Story

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"Facebook-ification" of Instagram Begins.. Move Fast and Break Things


When Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post: "We're committed to building and growing Instagram independently." Today, one of Facebook's brightest product managers, Peter X. Deng, is joining Instagram as its first director of product. A key piece of Facebook's astronomical growth is about to have a prominent role at Instagram — but when you bring in someone used to doing things Facebook's way, there's a real chance you'll end up with something that looks like Facebook.

Since he joined Facebook in 2007, Deng has become an expert at building out product teams. He once helmed a critical redesign of News Feed, much of which still still stands today, and most recently led Facebook's rapidly accelerating Messaging platform. Whenever Facebook needed speedy and effective results, they seemed to call on Deng. He embodies the company's "move fast and break things" product philosophy. "Back in 2007, there were so many challenges with building quickly and knowing what our users want, like, how do we go international?" says Deng. "Having seen the evolution of that, I see a lot of the same exact challenges on the horizon for Instagram right now." He will report directly to CEO Kevin Systrom and execute on Instagram's existing vision without interference from Facebook.

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