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Tips to Transform Social Media Following to Real-World Relationships

Tips to Transform Social Media Following to Real-World Relationships

As most marketers understand, developing social media relationships is not an easy process. It can take dedicated effort and a good deal of time. If done properly, however, a social media relationship can be extremely helpful in creating, as well as maintain strong and lasting real-world relationships.

The fact is that the actual transition from a social media relationship to a real-world relationship can be extremely difficult. There is no way to call or visit these individuals, especially if you have only exchanged a few random tweets or comments. So, how do you make the leap from a randomly exchanged tweet to a full-fledged real-world relationship? Use the following scenarios to begin the development of these important relationships.

Tips to Connect with Someone You have Never Interacted with Before

Chances are you have a list of individuals that you would like to connect with, no matter if it is for professional growth or simply because of their stellar social media posts. Keep in mind, admiring these individuals from afar and actually having a real relationship is completely different. So, how do you begin building this relationship with someone you have never interacted with?

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Are You Effectively Using Twitter to Grow Your Business?

Are You Effectively Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

You understand that Twitter can help to increase your revenue, but are you truly using it to its full potential? The fact is that most small businesses are not. In order to ensure you are leveraging Twitter to its full extent, use the following 8 points that will maximize the amount of traffic and sales that are delivered through Twitter.

Number 1: Profile Images

Only three images can be added to Twitter, therefore you need to make the most of these photos. The three areas where you can add a picture include the header, profile and background. If the profile you have on Twitter is personal, you should use a picture of yourself as the image. The background and header can be used to represent your company.

For the two pictures that represent your company it is suggested that you use the logo of your business and leveraging social proof. This can include showcasing the companies that you are actively working with or some of your business accomplishments.

Number 2: Cross Promotion

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Social Media Marketing Failure


Social media marketing is an area which seems to divide businesses. Some companies embrace it, invest in it, and generate fabulous returns from it, whilst other businesses are pensive, scared and unwilling to get online and start competing via social.

Since launching the UK's first fully-managed blogging service in 2005, it's been interesting to see the fortunes of some firms as compared to their competitors. The early adopters of blog marketing, for example, are way, way ahead of their industry competitors.

Trying to catch up a thought leader is a virtually impossible task, after all. But, some are still unwilling to invest in social media.

There are also those companies getting online and making a hash of it, then claiming social media marketing doesn't work for them – even though, with the right guidance, their products and services could have successfully been marketed via social media engagement.

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10 Tips for Online Video Success


Today, consumers are watching video everywhere, and marketers need to be prepared. Here are some best practices to help you succeed in the brave new world of video convergence.

1. High Definition Matters

Quality matters. Video isn't just for TV anymore, so it's imperative you plan for your spots to be on all screens. 75% of homes today are HD capable, and nearly all laptops and PCs can play HD. Even the latest round of tablets and smart phones are high resolution and designed for the HD experience, not to mention connected televisions. In an environment when files are transcoded for each publisher and broadcast format, you don't want quality to stand in the way of a great viewing experience. If you're not mastering and delivering your spots in HD, you're already behind the curve.

2. Sharing Means Caring

Production is expensive, so every spot produced should be considered for use on all screens. And there's no better way to ensure your spots are shared between media and creative teams across broadcast and digital, than by storing your masters in a digital asset management (DAM) platform. These systems not only make it easy to share spots, but they ensure all spot metadata is visible to all parties. And for global campaigns that need to customize and localize spots, it's a requirement – not an option. From asset IDs to talent & usage rights, metadata transparency is a critical component of convergence and shouldn't be overlooked.

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5 Expert Tips to Success in Social Media Marketing

5 Expert Tips to Success in Social Media Marketing
If you are a proud business owner, you likely want to drive as many customers to your business as possible. Unlike in the past, modern times call for tactical strategies if you want to maintain a competitive advantage. Social media is undoubtedly one of the fastest means of driving traffic to a website, which subsequently makes it a very resourceful marketing tool. The big question here is: how can you utilize social media to your business's advantage?

The following are the top 5 expert tips to social media marketing success:

1. Identify your clients' hangout zones

Before committing your precious time and effort, it would be wise to find out which specific social networks are frequently used by both your clients and potential clients. If you're in a B2B niche, LinkedIn will likely be an ideal option. If you are looking for a more engaging and interactive platform, then Facebook and/or Twitter will do the trick. The results of your marketing efforts will skyrocket if you focus your time and effort on where your target audience is, rather than 'hanging out' in areas where very few people understand your business, your product or your service.

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