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Improve Your Email Click-Through Rates by Farming Out Your Social Media Content

112987077Email newsletters are on the Marketing 101 checklist, so most businesses create and send at least one each month. But are you getting the most mileage out of your email newsletter by including your best content, or are you scrambling to include stuff that your audience doesn't really care about?

Why quality content matters

People sign up to get email newsletters want to receive information, and they trust you to provide them with the content that is the most informative, actionable, or useful to them. Providing quality content consistently in your email newsletters establishes trust and drives up open rates and click-throughs. But how do you easily identify which content will have the biggest impact?

Look no further than your social media channels.

Build your email newsletter with your popular social media content

Your Facebook posts, Twitter and Linkedin updates, and Pinterest pins offer insight into what content your audience is digging, and you should use the most popular content in your social media arsenal to populate your email newsletter. Focusing on popular content -- even if it's "recycled" from another medium -- will result in higher click-throughs, because that's the content the most people like. It's simple, really.

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10 Things You Can Do to Make Me Love Your Emails

112987077To all keyholders of the company spam cannon, before causing immense collateral damage by firing off emails that don't fit with the lovely idea of your brand, follow these ten pointers and, with me at least, you'll be guaranteed a pair of eyes.

Give me whitespace and time to think

My eyes often refuse to work. They close on the world of advertising and allow me to walk into the middle of roads without realising it.

Quora's welcome email is an industrial eye-wash station and not only left me opthalmically refreshed, but gave me the most important information, and nought else.

Give me welcome emails (if you have to) and make sure their content is well-defined

Don't send me continuous wishy-washy 'your account' emails, telling me how great your services are. I ain't got the time, MAN.

Do like the FT and make each of your welcome mails distinctive. You can see from my inbox, the FT firstly welcomes me (manners); secondly, promotes its reports; thirdly, introduces market data services; fourthly, its blogs and multimedia; fifthly, its lifestyle section.

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Photos Generate 53% more Likes than the Average Post [Data]

112987077There's no doubt that we're moving toward a more visual marketing world. As users, we often prefer consuming visual content to reading blocks of text. In fact, Facebook users are uploading approximately 300 million photos to Facebook per day, up 20% from earlier this year. Even usage of the photo-sharing tool Instagram, purchased by Facebook in April of 2012, has increased 1,179% in six months.

But as a business, will catering to this new trend in visual content have a positive impact on crucial engagement metrics, including Facebook Likes, comments, and potentially even link clicks?

The Impact of Photos on Generating Facebook Engagement

To learn if using visuals in social content has an impact on social media engagement, HubSpot evaluated 8,800 Facebook posts from B2B and B2C companies' Facebook Pages in October 2012 by comparing each businesses' average Likes-per-photo to their overall average Likes-per-post. As a result, our study revealed that photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post. We also compared each businesses' average comments-per-photo to their overall average comments-per-post and found that photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post, too.

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Getting More Budget for Social Media

112987077You've done it. You've managed to convince management to give you some budget to apply to social media. You've built out a plan and have been executing, but you're running across some challenges of the fiscal nature.

Management won't ok the spend for your engagement platform or additional people or other resources. It seems as if the well has dried out for additional funding for your initiatives. In this article, I'll go over common objections and solutions for getting more budget freed up and applied to your social media campaigns.

What does social media do for your organization? This is a fair question for management or the powers that be to ask. It's supposed to do something, right? What's that something, and how does it relate to the business?

One of the big problems with most social media experts is how they communicate with "suits" on what they're doing and what kind of impact they're having. One of the hottest arguments is on this whole "ROI" discussion, and it's really a reflection of a failing of social media practitioners to speak suit language.

If you throw too many non-business relative metrics at a suit, they'll get frustrated and throw out ROI as an example of a business relative measure that they're familiar with. If you get stuck in an ROI argument with your upper management, it's because you failed to deliver them a measurement that matters.

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20 Questions - Why Your Social Media ISN'T Working

112987077The Problems

  1. Do you ever feel like your tweets and updates fall into a black hole, never to be seen again? 
  2. Does your idea of building a following consist of spamming your entire friend list with a plea to like your page and share it with their friends? 
  3. Are you never retweeted, and do your new followers always seem to have an xxx in their handle?
  4. Is social media stupid and a waste of time?
  5. Is it impossible to tie ROI to social media?

The Solutions

      6.  Would you like your own page if it wasn't your own? Why or why not?

      7.  Does what you say reflect who you are, or just what you do?

      8.  Are your updates more for you, or for your customers, prospects and leads? 

      9.  What do they want to see?

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