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Facebook Launches Verified Accounts


Did the real Justin Bieber just send you a friend request? Now you can know for sure, thanks to a new Facebook feature: Verified Pages.

Much like verified accounts on Twitter, verified Facebook pages will now display a small blue check mark beside their owner's name on the social network. The check mark will also appear beside the individual's name in search results, as well as anywhere else on Facebook where it appears.



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7 Ways You Can Effectively Lose Social Media Followers


Establishing a social media presence is important for almost any brand nowadays. A recent infographic by MBA Online encourages CEOs to use social media because of some compelling statistics. For instance, data shows that 8 in 10 social media users in the U.S. would rather connect with companies on social media sites rather than on their company websites. The infographic also shows that social media campaigns are more effective in generating quality leads.

Knowing how important social media is would naturally motivate you to keep your audience engaged. However, there are some mistakes you can commit that can make you lose followers on social media. If you want to keep your social media followers, steer clear of these practices:

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Social Strategy for Regulated Industries

Social media's influence on search results continues to grow. This is perhaps most evident in the convergence of paid, owned, and earned media, which explains a great deal about how brands can generate activity and earn credibility through social and other earned media to significantly boost SERP visibility.

Even if marketers completely disregard the inherent benefits of effective social media programs in their own right, the growing ability of these efforts to generate credible social signals and influence search engine visibility can't be denied.

Social Signals and Search

Activity happening on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other top social networks continues to influence search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Even if brands choose not to embrace this dynamic, the actions of consumers and competitors will directly impact the scope and nature of their visibility on the SERP. This is true at the national and local level.

Nationally, brands must understand that top search engines have carved out some high profile places to present search results from chosen or affiliated social networks.

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Blogger Threatened with $1bil Suit for Writing About Allegedly Predatory Publisher


Jeffrey Beall, a US academic librarian who uses his Scholarly Open Access blog to write about publishers' dubious practices, is being threatened with a $1 billion lawsuit by an Indian publishing group.

Beall keeps a running list, known as "Beall's list," of journals and publishers who do fishy things such as spamming scholars or charging bogus fees.

As Ars Technica's Nathan Mattise tells it, Beall's work has earned him notice from the likes of the New York Times.

In an April 7 article, the NYT tells of one such fishy scheme in the "exploding world of pseudo academia."

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