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What Honeybees Can Teach Marketers


Honeybees are social insects, always exchanging information with each other for the success of the hive. When a bee finds an attractive new flower with a good supply of pollen, it flies back to the hive and performs a sophisticated waggle dance for the other bees, communicating the distance and direction of the flower from the hive, the type of flower it is, and the potential magnitude of the find. Other bees watch this dance, then navigate to the flower themselves to harvest more of its pollen, which is good because producing a single pound of honey requires roughly two million bee-loads of pollen.

So now imagine for a moment that your company operates a flowerbed, and you are in the business of "selling" your pollen to bees. Your first task is to attract an exploring bee to land and take a look, and for that you need to be sure that your colors are bright and your scent is attractive. That's advertising.

But the bee is part of a social network, so when it returns to the hive after visiting your flower it's only going to send for the other bees if your pollen was good. And that's customer experience.

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Social Collaboration and the Social Business

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Social media has become a valuable means for many organizations to better engage and retain customers, to attract prospects, make sales, and help customers solve problems. But it still seems to be much harder for organizations to understand social 'on the inside' and why it matters. Companies must come to understand that social 'on the outside' won't be substantially achieved – let alone sustained - if social on the inside isn't working.

The internal social business interconnects with enterprise collaboration platforms and intranets, that are now taking a more social media kind of approach to better engage and support employees. Additionally, many diverse kinds of software solutions used by enterprises incorporate social capabilities as methods to improve solution usage and value, as well as do a better job of including that all important human factor. In enterprise activities such as knowledge management, BI and analytics, business process management, and adaptive case management, there is a significant role to be played by social / collaborative capabilities to improve how these activities provide relevance and effective results.

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The Tao of Social Media

shutterstock 148899653

There once lived a young, curious fish. He was inclined to ask his older and wiser friend many questions.

"I always hear of this thing called the ocean," the young fish said. "What is it?"

"Why, the ocean is that which surrounds you on all sides," replied the older and wiser fish.

"That cannot be," protested the young fish. "If it truly surrounded me on all sides, I would be able to see it!"

"You cannot see it because the ocean is both within you and outside of you."

"But how can I tell if it exists if I cannot see it," asked the bemused young fish.

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How to make your Social Media Strategy "Pinteresting"

How to make your Social Media Strategy Pinteresting
Pinterest has been one of the great web obsessions in the last few years with its unique concept of letting users curate their pins with images for a very personalized experience. The social platform is most popular for its use in curating recipes, home décor, fashion items and accessories, wedding plans and photos and many lifestyle applications. However, Pinterest is increasingly being used by many organizations in marketing their products and services through pictorial displays.

There is great value to be derived from integrating Pinterest as an online marketing tool and companies which have not plunged on to the bandwagon must seriously explore ways of making their marketing "Pinteresting." For "newbies" to Pinterest, there are several tips which can be incorporated so as to make Pinterest an integral part of your marketing alongside other social media channels such as Twitter, corporate blogs and Facebook. In fact, Pinterest is quite effective when deployed alongside other social media marketing portals.

Add some creativity

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Improve your email open results and conversion to sales dramatically with this free guidebook from Marketo, the experts on email marketing

Improve your email open results and conversion to sales dramatically with this free guidebook from Marketo the experts on email marketing

Have you noticed that it's harder and harder to get your emails noticed? Finally there's some practical advice on what to do about it! The email experts at Marketo have just produced "The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing" . If you send emails, you can't afford to miss these great tips on how to ensure your emails are engaging and effective – plus you'll get recent research and best practices on email marketing.

Download at: http://bit.ly/17llIjQ

If you read one guide on email marketing this year, make it this one. You'll learn:
- How to keep your email relevant in a multi-channel world
- 5 key ways to make your emails truly engaging
- The latest research and tips on email best practices, from deliverability to content
- What capabilities are critical in an effective emails service provider

For those of you familiar with Marketo's Definitive Guide Series, this is a great new addition. For the rest of you, it's time to check them out! Get the free, 150 page, comprehensive guide at here at:http://bit.ly/17llIjQ

And remember to send this to your friends and colleagues involved in email marketing. Share the knowledge – it's free!

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