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Marketers Puzzled Over Lack of Ads in Facebook's New Feeds

marketers puzzled over lack of ads in facebooks new feeds

Many marketers gleefully anticipated that the content-specific feeds that Facebook was reportedly prepping would improve their ability to target ads. But when Facebook announced the new feeds on Thursday, advertisers were all but shut out—many of them feeling none too happy about it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company has yet to determine how it wants to handle ads in the four new feeds.

The ability to target, say, image-rich ads to the Photos feed, or promote a brand-related jingle to the Music Feed ads would be "definitely a great opportunity for advertisers. I don't know why they're not making that available right now," said Performics global CEO Daina Middleton.

Facebook isn't leaving Madison Avenue completely in the dark. After the announcement, the company emailed marketers with a follow-up overview of the new feeds and design "and said right now ad units aren't going to change," said iCrossing's head of social media Amanda Peters, who received such an email.

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The 5 Most Overlooked Metrics

the 5 most overlooked metrics

The aim of this article is to give you a moment in which to think outside the box. I'm going to cover five metrics that are not always given the attention they deserve. Many people never look at them at all. I hope I can prompt you to think again about them and maybe discover something new about your site(s). The five metrics are checkout success, landing page conversions, visits to purchase, rise of mobile, and page speed. These are mainly for e-commerce sites, but you'll still find some of these metrics of interest even if you don't sell online.

Checkout success
No matter what a site sells or how it's designed, every sale requires a checkout process. The performance of the checkout process is therefore fundamental to the overall sales performance of the site, yet rarely given close attention.

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Why Mobile Ads Stink: It's Not Just a Tech Deficit, It's a Digital-Attention Deficit

The 4 reasons why mobile ads are lousy

why mobile ads stink

Ads are simultaneously an essential force in our lives and hardly in our lives at all. The paradox of advertising is that we spend most of our lives ignoring ads while we also spend hours browsing websites, reading articles, using apps, and "consuming" other "content" that could not exist without them.

That's why it matters that our attention seems to be moving toward screens where ad dollars are struggling to follow. My business column* in The Atlantic magazine this month is on mobile ads: Why they're so annoying and why it's so important that they get better -- not only for companies like Google and Facebook, who rely on digital advertising for 80+ percent of their revenue, but also for the entire media industry that has grown fat and happy expecting that advertising would always be there to pay their salaries.

The companies staring down the mobile ad challenge face three acute deficits: not enough data, not enough innovation, and not enough screen. None of these barriers are insurmountable. But no free ad-supported service could succeed without overcoming all three.

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2013 Social Media Benchmark Study


A new study has proven that social media actually helps businesses reach out and sell their products to consumers, saving their time and resources from experimental campaigns on social channels.

According to marketing information firm J.D. Power and Associates, its 2013 Social Media Benchmark Study has found proof of a link between social media and business metrics, such as consumers' tendency of buying and interacting with companies through major social channels.

The study includes responses from more than 23,200 online consumers in the United States.

And the respondents have interacted with at least one company through its official social media channel.

Jacqueline Anderson, director of social media and text analytics at J.D. Power and Associates, says the extensive study provides companies a model structure for the successful integration of social media into business strategies.

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Youtube Will Launch Music Subscription Service

youtube will launch music subscription service

Google's YouTube is planning a new service for music subscription. This new service will not be connected with the Google Play subscription service.

The rumor comes from Fortune, but Google did not confirm the news, although the company did release the following message: Google said it doesn't comment rumors, but it is looking into the benefits of a subscription service, besides ads.

The new service will be a competitor for Spotify, the popular music site, where you can listen to music as long as you watch their ads.

YouTube is the first source of listening songs and watching music videos, so this service make sense. Right now the quality of the songs available on the site is not the best and a music subscription service might be another good thing. which will provide better quality.

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