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Facebook Now Allows Calls To Action on Facebook Page Cover Images

call to action ok

Without fanfare, it seems that Facebook may now be allowing calls to action on Facebook Page cover images.

Take a look at the Pages Terms. Up until today, the 17th December version of the platform prevented any kind of marketing in the cover image, and also – as with any promoted image – text was not allowed to comprise more than 20% of the image area. (Here's our coverage last month of the 20% ruling – not a lot of page owners were aware of this, it seems).

These were the restrictions up until March 20th:

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10 Brands Exposed as Hypocrites


Everybody wants to play the hero. But it's the rare brand that can stand up to the scrutiny that comes along with such a status. Take Jeep, for instance. The company recently used its support of American veterans to appeal to Super Bowl viewers. Yes, the brand did donate $50,000 to veterans -- but then it turned around and spent 16 million glorifying its heroic deed in its Super Bowl ads. Is that hypocritical? Or is it just a brand being a brand?

Often the most successful brands are the ones called out on their hypocrisy, from "greenwashing" corporations to the tax-dodging likes of Amazon, Starbucks, and Google. Apparently, tech companies are the worst offenders when it comes to moving assets overseas to avoid paying taxes. Though this practice is not illegal, brands are regularly called out on it after purporting to be "socially conscious."

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Don't miss this! Great Spring Social Media Training: two tracks, 24 live sessions, 30 experts - Discounted group rate!


Don't miss this! Great Spring Social Media Training: two tracks, 24 live sessions, 30 experts. Starts next Friday, April 5th. Book now to get our special group discount rate.

You know that old saying: you can never be too rich, too thin or have too much social media training!

I am happy to announce that a highly recommended Social Media Web Conference & Certification program is starting on Friday, April 5th. I have always got great feedback from members who have attended this training series in the past and a brand new program is starting at the end of next week.

There are two training tracks - Web Conference track and Certification track with a total of 24 live online Social Media sessions. Some of the speakers are leading Social Media authors including Lon Safko (Author of Social Media Bible), Mike Lewis (Author of Stand Out Marketing), Brian Carter (Author of Facebook Marketing), Neal Schaffer (Author of LinkedIn Marketing) Krista Neher (Author of Social Media Field Guide), Anum Hussain (HubSpot) and many many others.

Check out complete agenda here:

Hands-on project based Social Media Certification is a great option for beginners but if you don't care about Certification then simply enroll in Social Media Web conference track where you will have access to 24 Social Media sessions. Here are few Social Media topics you'll learn:

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Hashtags and Ampersats in Blog Post Titles: Good Idea or Bad?

shutterstock 90450475

Many marketers have adopted the practice of inserting hashtags (#s) and ampersats (@s) directly into blog post titles, either as a postscript or affixed to native words. Is this tactic an illustration of tech savvy or ill-advised artifice? Let's examine the pros and cons of the practice.

The Case For:

1. Exposure to Twitter Search Traffic

According to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, the social network was averaging around 1.6 billion searches per day in April of 2012. You can bet that some of those queries contain or consist entirely of hashtags. By placing a hashtag in your blog post title, it's possible to capitalize on some of that search traffic and get your content found. A unique hashtag (non-keyword) is a great way to establish a discussion and track its development.

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Which Social Media Marketing Tactics Drive The Most Engagement? [STUDY]


In less than a decade social media has established itself as a powerful marketing tool for brands of all shapes and sizes in every major country across the planet, but which strategical tactics drive the most engagement for these businesses? Which social marketing methods deliver the best results, and which nuts are proving the hardest to crack?

Agency consulting firm Ascend2 surveyed marketing pros around the world and found that both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) brands cited creating articles and blog post content as their most effective social media marketing tactic.

B2Bs also rated research/whitepaper creation as important tools in their social marketing arsenal, while B2Cs favoured social sharing buttons. Both types of business also endorsed the use of audio and video content.

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