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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Professional Services

How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Professional Services
LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your professional products and services because, quite simply, it was created just for that. Well, it was created as a networking tool, but in the world of business networking, a little self-promotion and sales are never far behind.

No matter the industry you're in, if your livelihood and business revolve around selling professional services, LinkedIn is the network of your dreams. And no, it isn't just a resume placeholder, nor is it a place only for recruiters. With a few little tweaks, and a customized LinkedIn strategy, you could be sitting pretty while the leads and sales come a' knocking.

Sounds good, right? If you need a little more sweetener, let me list a few statistics that might change your mind.

LinkedIn Stats For B2B Companies

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The Evolving Role of Social Media in Healthcare

social media healthcare

Healthcare is a breeding ground for disruption. Countless processes from patient relations to management of health records can be augmented. Surgeons wearing Google Glass, patients with NFC embedded identification bands, and nurses equipped with iPads are already a reality.

Yet one area of innovation may stem from an unlikely source. Social media for healthcare can contribute to increased communication, provider efficiency, treatment efficacy and organizational transparency.

A significant amount of doctors, patients, family members, and specialists use social media to bring about more impactful care and treatment. PwC released a report on social and healthcare detailing how, "a third of consumers surveyed use social to find and share information about medical treatments, doctors, and health plans."

Given the impact of social for consumers, healthcare is set to experience similar disruption to that of mobile in the retail space. In the spirit of WebMD and existing health sites, social media is transforming how doctors and patients operate and interact with each other.

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Spotify Free Mobile Music Service to Be Launched Next Week


The popular music streaming service Spotify is planning to launch a free mobile music service, ad-supported version and has already reached licensing deals with three major recording companies (Universal, Sony and Warner) according to a The Wall Street Journal report.

Spotify sent out invites for an event next week, but didn't say what would be launched. The invitation said "We're having a media event. Like to come? There will be donuts." But according to rumors the Sotify free mobile music is a big part of the event.

The company already has a similar free access offer for desktop users, although it doesn't include unlimited music streaming. The mobile users who sign up for the free option will also have some limitations in place – while they will be able to choose what music tracks to listen to, they'll only be able to play a limited number of songs on-demand each month.

Until now, Spotify has only allowed premium subscribers paying $10 a month to stream music from mobile devices. The free, ad-supported service was available for desktop and laptop computers, and for $5 a month users could remove the ads from those devices but not listen on mobile.

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List.ly makes Twitter lists significantly more awesome: Social, shareable, manageable, and rankable

Listly makes Twitter lists significantly more awesome 1
Twitter lists kind of suck.

First of all, they're buried way down deep in Twitter's interface, a sort of forgotten feature that isn't easy to find. They're barely manageable, with a single never-ending screen of names that you need to scroll through in the order they were added, and they're not really social, although you can share them. They're so neglected that as of this moment, Twitter's search tool for finding new people to add to lists doesn't even work.

Nick Kellet of Listly wants to change all that.

He wants to make Twitter lists findable via Google, sortable, manageable, and social, so that many people can collaborate in building the best Twitter lists imaginable. And on Wednesday next week, his startup will release a new feature to do just that.

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YouTube and Snapchat Are Key to Millennial-Focused Retailer's Holiday Plan Inside Karmaloop's targeting blueprint

YouTube and Snapchat Are Key to Millennial Focused Retailers Holiday Plan
Karmaloop is a streetwear fashion e-retailer that not all marketers know about but should probably start studying if they want to learn how to connect with millennial consumers. Founded 13 years ago in Boston, it pulls in more than $200 million a year in revenue by targeting 18-to-24 year-olds.

During this holiday season, Karmaloop is using a healthy dose of YouTube and Snapchat to reel in sales. Before getting into the specifics, let's look at the foundation that's been laid for the brand's social-video aims.

It launched KarmaloopTV, dubbed KLTV for short, on YouTube a few years ago and built a dedicated staff of 30 who work on the channel in an in-house studio. The unusually big commitment to video has paid off, accruing more than 22 million views as well as 43,000 subscribers. The e-commerce firm has sub-brands, such as PLNDR (daily deals), Guru (music content), Kazbah (casual wear for dudes), Brick Harbor (skateboarder items) and KRP (street-team info), which all get promoted with video as well.

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