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The 10 Commandments of Social Media Strategy


Thou Shalt Not Spam!
Dazed and confused about social media? You're not the only one. Even the "experts" sometimes need to get back to the basics. Whether you have 10 years experience in social media, or you're simply aspiring to pen your first Tweet, you're in luck. I've been summoned to bring you the 10 Commandments for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more. The following rules should be the root of all social media strategies.
Repeat after me:

1. I will not, under any circumstances, use social media for hard sales.

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How Companies Structure Social Media Teams [Infographic]


PR Daily asked 2,714 communicators how their companies use social media in their Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey, and Go-Gulf.com highlighted some of the findings in an infographic.

This was a fairly decent size data set for the survey and it's still surprising to me that companies have not figured out how to generate leads on social media though they seem to be able to measure social media results.

Some of the most amazing points I noted were:

  • Over 80% of companies have less than 3 people managing social media.
  • 86% of companies only track vanity metrics like fans and followers.
  • Only 31% of companies can track social media to sales.
  • 65% of the companies say the biggest obstacle for companies to use social media is time.
  • 40% of the companies think the goal of social media is to increase sales

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LinkedIn Changes their API Integration for Third Party App Developers

To ensure that our members have a consistent authentication experience across our platform, we are requiring all applications to use Member Permissions by July 15th.

In August 2012, we introduced Member Permissions. This feature allows you to specify exactly which information the member shares with your application and actions you can take on their behalf. In November 2012, we introduced a migration path to this new flow for applications created before that change. We have been thrilled to see the excitement in adopting Member Permissions and many of you are already using it to streamline your site registration.

Key benefits of this feature are as follows:

  • Members have more visibility: LinkedIn members have clearer visibility into the data and actions your application requests access to.
  • Standardized lifespan of access tokens: Previously members could choose to grant tokens ranging from one day to forever. Now all tokens are 60-days in length. Developers can proactively renew tokens in 60-day increments when members come back to their app.
  • Ability to fetch additional profile data: You can fetch email address of the authenticated user, which wasn't previously available.
  • Standardized profile data: You can continue to access the Full Profile of logged in member, however you can only retrieve the Basic Profile for users other than the authenticating member.

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The Truth About The "Front Page of the Internet"; Reddit


1. Reddit has become, simply put, mainstream media.
As noted in Ad Age recently, Reddit closed out 2012 with more than 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors. Even people who don't check the so-called social-news site regularly -- or at all -- constantly experience the Reddit Effect because ...

2. The mainstream blog media is almost ridiculously (even pathetically) dependent on Reddit.
Reddit has a state-of-the-art-circa-1998, text-centric user interface, but its critical mass and core upvote/downvote system has allowed it to become a sort of real-time cultural Zeitgeistometer. A post that captures the imagination of Reddit readers (aka Redditors) gets upvoted and then speeds to Reddit's home page (and/or the home pages of Reddit's major topical verticals, e.g., reddit.com/r/worldnews, reddit.com/r/funny, etc.).

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5 Tips for Effective Management of Your Business’ Social Media Marketing

5 Tips for Effective Management of Your Business Social Media Marketing
The day to day struggles that come with running a business are enough to rattle even the most organized person. With the addition of managing social media marketing campaigns and technology, the stress is often taken to a whole new level. These marketing methods can be extremely successful; however it is important to learn to manage your social media presence effectively to get the most out of your time and investment.

Tip 1: Include Everyone

When you include everyone in your business in your social media campaign it will increase the visibility that you have and make sharing and posting information much more efficient. One method is to allow posts and updates to be circulated to different people on various days. This will keep the content fresh, without anyone becoming burnt out handling the entire social media campaign themselves. You can also implement this with your company's blog. Have your employees create blogs occasionally that will bring a new perspective and view to your content, keeping it fresh and engaging for your readers. This will also save your slim budget for marketing.

Tip 2: Organize You Social Media Schedule

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