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Blog Checklist: 6 Things Every Blog Post Should Have

Blog Checklist

When the Weidert Group team writes about blogs we tend to focus on the guts of a post – the quality of the writing, the relevance and value to the audience, and the connection between the topic and the target's pain points. But there are some "must-haves" beyond those crucial basics.

To be effective in attracting the readers and demonstrating your company's value to your target, every blog post should include these 6 essential elements.

A point. Too many posts are written without a thesis – the statement that says "this is what I'm writing about and the position I'm going to take." It frames everything – for you as you write the post and for your reader. In a blog post talking in-depth about thesis statements, Weidert Group's Greg Linnemanstons wrote, "As a writer, your thesis helps you focus by forcing you to declare what precisely you're proposing, arguing or defending. When you provide readers with clearly understood focus, it's far easier for them to make a quick judgment on relevance; they can see instantly if your point of view is something that matters to their life or business."

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70% of Snapchat Users Are Women, Report Says


70 of Snapchat Users Are Women Report Says
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said on Wednesday that 70% of the photo-sharing app's users are female, according to a new report. Spiegel shared the breakdown, along with a few other metrics, at a closed-door conference hosted by Goldman Sachs in Las Vegas.

Snapchat did not share the size of its total user base. The company did not immediately return a request for comment.

A Snapchat spokeperson said on Tuesday that its users send 400 million "snaps" — that is, pictures or videos — each day; that number doubled the 200 million snaps sent back in June. For comparison, Facebook users share approximately 350 million photos per day, but this number doesn't include Instagram shares or video uploads.

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The Behind-the-Scenes Values Successful Social Brands Share

Social media can expand your reach and draw you closer to your customers -- but only if you do it right. Amber Naslund and her co-author Jay Baer wrote "The Now Revolution" to help companies understand that the most important aspects of their social presence are never seen in their Facebook or Twitter feeds. Instead, to run a truly social business, companies need to re-think the people they hire, the skills they value, and how empowered each staffer feels. These behind-the-scenes changes not only improve morale and retention, but create a company whose staffers naturally think socially regardless of their department.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover
One of the most important things that you can do to improve your social media presence is to enhance and improve your Facebook timeline cover.

In part due to its size, which is 851 pixels by 315 pixels, the Facebook timeline cover is one of the biggest and most vital chunks of social media real estate out there.

Essentially, a huge block of space that big on that important of a site deserves a lot of attention and planning.

Whenever someone new visits your company or brand's Facebook timeline page the first, and possibly only thing that they are going to notice is your cover photo.

You need to make sure that it is eye-catching and interesting enough that they are drawn into the page to read some of the content.

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