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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest

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The rapid growth of Pinterest was one of the big social media stories of 2012, and by all accounts, the platform is continuing to see strong growth in the first half of 2013. What was originally a platform used by women is now expanding across wider demographics, and some businesses are even using the network in rather creative ways. If your small business or nonprofit is not yet using Pinterest, now is a good time to take a look at how it might fit into your overall digital communications plan.

Remember, anyone can just pin their products to Pinterest. That's boring. Look beyond the obvious and find more creative ways of drawing people in and encouraging growth and repinning activity.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways that small businesses can use Pinterest more effectively:

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2 Big Reasons Why You Should Be Favoriting Tweets

twitter birds

In case you haven't noticed, favouriting Tweets is now becoming a thing on Twitter. But what relevance does it have? And should you be clicking the star on Tweets?

The simple answer is yes.

What is a favourite tweet?
Twitter.com defines it as a Favourite represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favoriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or you can save the Tweet for later.

Create your own Twitter Archive
Previously I have talked about how you can 'Make Sense of the Twitter Noise', so now once you are now able to easily find quality tweets and interact with them, favouriting a Tweet will now allow you to create your own archive of Tweets. Creating your own archive of Tweets will allow you to be able to store Tweets so you can easily access them at a later stage.

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5 Trends in Social Media Impacting Business

Solar System SM symbols biz

In response to a question about the "5 material trends you see shaping the future face of social media" I got to thinking: In 2013 what are those trends and fairly quickly I settled on.....

5 social media trends impacting business

  • The rise of the visual social media
  • Information comes from multiple channels, simultaneously
  • 'Humanized' brands are a consumer expectation
  • Big data and other privacy concerns
  • Social status measuring is evolving

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5 Tips for Integrating Social Media Into Your Next Business Event


I remember my first exposure to the world of event marketing. I was interning at a record label in New York in 2001 and I was tasked to comb the Harlem neighborhood surrounding the then-hot restaurant/lounge Jimmy's Uptown with promotional flyers. There was a young R&B singer by the name of John Stephens (better known as John Legend) set to perform that night, and label management wanted to make sure everyone coming to the show knew about a new priority album that was set to drop the following week.

Little did I know, but I was doing guerilla marketing in its purest form. This experience helped shape and dictate my career path over the next decade, with guerilla marketing giving way to radio promotions, sampling programs, experiential activations, popup stores, concert productions and everything in between. Of course, in the "good old days" of event marketing, the objective was simpler — engage consumers and invite them to participate on-site with the participating brand. In 2012, we as event marketers need to engage with consumers before they even show up — and for days and weeks after the event wraps up, too.

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FREE WEBINAR - DO NOT MISS THIS! The single most powerful way to market your business is...


A book. Not just any book, but a book that YOU have written. And not just any book - a best seller! At first, you may scoff at the idea. But I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, it is highly likely if you attend this free webinar. And not in dog years either. You can absolutely and actually write a best seller in your field of experience in as little as one weekend, no kidding. Of course, most people won't. They'll find all kinds of excuses why not. But let me ask you three simple questions and you can decide for yourself.

1. Are you good at what you do? Do you have a valuable expertise that others can benefit from?
2. Are you willing to share that knowledge by following a very simple, proven publishing template?
3. Here's the real hard question: do you honestly WANT to be successful, to be a leader and have people look up to your success in your market??


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