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List.ly makes Twitter lists significantly more awesome: Social, shareable, manageable, and rankable

Listly makes Twitter lists significantly more awesome 1
Twitter lists kind of suck.

First of all, they're buried way down deep in Twitter's interface, a sort of forgotten feature that isn't easy to find. They're barely manageable, with a single never-ending screen of names that you need to scroll through in the order they were added, and they're not really social, although you can share them. They're so neglected that as of this moment, Twitter's search tool for finding new people to add to lists doesn't even work.

Nick Kellet of Listly wants to change all that.

He wants to make Twitter lists findable via Google, sortable, manageable, and social, so that many people can collaborate in building the best Twitter lists imaginable. And on Wednesday next week, his startup will release a new feature to do just that.

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YouTube and Snapchat Are Key to Millennial-Focused Retailer's Holiday Plan Inside Karmaloop's targeting blueprint

YouTube and Snapchat Are Key to Millennial Focused Retailers Holiday Plan
Karmaloop is a streetwear fashion e-retailer that not all marketers know about but should probably start studying if they want to learn how to connect with millennial consumers. Founded 13 years ago in Boston, it pulls in more than $200 million a year in revenue by targeting 18-to-24 year-olds.

During this holiday season, Karmaloop is using a healthy dose of YouTube and Snapchat to reel in sales. Before getting into the specifics, let's look at the foundation that's been laid for the brand's social-video aims.

It launched KarmaloopTV, dubbed KLTV for short, on YouTube a few years ago and built a dedicated staff of 30 who work on the channel in an in-house studio. The unusually big commitment to video has paid off, accruing more than 22 million views as well as 43,000 subscribers. The e-commerce firm has sub-brands, such as PLNDR (daily deals), Guru (music content), Kazbah (casual wear for dudes), Brick Harbor (skateboarder items) and KRP (street-team info), which all get promoted with video as well.

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How Google Will Help You Market Better in 2014

How Google Will Help You Market Better in 2014

At the very heart of semantic search lies a simple proposition that also resonates with marketing: present the right answer, information or product to the right person at the right time.

To do this Google, in 2013, changed its search programming to better help it understand search queries and deliver better content and beefed up its semantic index increasing the number of entities that were found there by over 50%.

Success in search, just like in marketing, however can slip from one's grasp because of two key factors: complexity and scale. The world is a far from easy concept to understand and the information we know about it keeps increasing all the time.

The similarities between search and marketing are not accidental. In the modern world search is marketing. Search is responsible for delivering your company or brand to those who are looking for a particular piece of information or a product. Search is responsible for driving targeted traffic to your website. Search is responsible for increasing the visibility of your brand. Search, ultimately, is responsible for the success of your marketing. And search is getting smarter.

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5 Ideas For Improving Facebook Engagement

5 Ideas For Improving Facebook Engagement

Everyone enjoys playing games, so why wouldn't you use that to your benefit when developing engagement on your Facebook account? People are more likely to be engaged when they are asked to do something fun. The following five game ideas can be fine tuned to suit your personal company or page, but all of them are sure to bring more engagement on your page.

1. One Word Story

One word story is a really fun game which the same person can play over and over again just so long as they wait for another person to post as well. The basic idea of the game is that you start the story off with half of a sentence and every person who comments leaves one word which furthers the story. For example, you may write "Once upon a time..." to begin the story. The first three people to comment may write, "there," "was," "a." The story will continue until it actually starts looking like a story. This is actually a game developed in person to help enhance a person's improvisation skills. It's exciting and gets people involved quickly. The sillier the story turns out the better. Not sure how to start your story out? Here are some great never-fail ideas:

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3 Great Sources of Social Media Inspiration

3 Great Sources of Social Media Inspiration 1
Another day, another Tweet. Or maybe it's 10 Tweets? Or 25?

Maintaining social media accounts involves a lot more than just firing off a message once a day. To attract and keep a following on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you need to engage with users and share content that is both valuable and interesting.

Finding that content can be a challenge. That said, there is a lot out there if you know where to look and how to follow.

What can be even more challenging is coming up with the social messaging to support that content. Sure you could use the headline, but so will 95% of the other people who share that blog.

Writing a Tweet or Facebook post that will actually catch someone's eye in a stream of hundreds, even thousands of other posts is a real test. To help you stay fresh and set yourself apart on social media, here are 3 sources of inspiration you might want to turn to when writing Tweets or Facebook Posts.

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