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Free Social Media Tools For Journalists

Free Social Media Tools For Journalists

According to a recent survey by Cision, published in November 2013, 96% of journalists use social media on a daily basis. The importance of social media is reflected in the fact 42% of journalists said they would not be able to carry out their work without social media. In this article we look at some of the best free social media tools that can support journalists and make their work more efficient.

Key Survey Findings - Journalists and Social Media

journalists social media


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How to Watch and Follow the Sochi Winter Olympics Online

How to Watch and Follow the Sochi Winter Olympics Online

Expected to exceed $50 billion in total cost, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are going to be big, and NBC is following suit with its coverage.

With more than 1,000 hours of live streaming coverage, NBCOlympics.com is going to broadcast all Winter Games competition online as it happens. That's not "some" or "most," but all. When combined with the 539 hours scheduled to be televised on NBC and its affiliate stations, the coverage of the 2014 Olympics will total more than the prior two Winter Olympics combined.

For anyone preparing a two week-long Olympic viewing binge, there will be many ways to watch and follow the games online. Below, we've listed several ways in which you can bring Sochi to your computer and smartphone this February.

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Top 10 of The Top 10 Lists in Digital and Marketing

Top 10 of The Top 10 Lists in Digital and Marketing

Here's a list of the Top 10, Top 10 Lists in Digital & Marketing. Enjoy!

1. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Posts: This Year in Social Media

Over at the Social Media Examiner they write hundreds of social media articles every year. The consistently write great articles and what they did for us was create a Top 10 list of their most popular social media posts of 2013. Thanks guys!

2. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Columns For 2013

These 10 popular posts got the most pageviews at MarketingLand.com last year for social media marketing, offering loads of great value to any B2B business. Head over, check them out and let me know what you think.

3. Top 10 social media analytics tools

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Obama Limits NSA Data Collection, Marketers Mull Changes

President Obama Friday announced limits on the National Security Agency (NSA) program that reins in collecting data on Americans and bans eavesdropping on the leaders of our nation's close friends and allies.

The vast changes to the government's surveillance program could help to ease tensions among brand marketers and Madison Avenue executives who view the link between data used for online advertising and NSA snooping as damaging.

Calling it the "Snowden Effect," Katherine Albrecht, vice president at proxy free search engine StartPage, believes the advertising industry and their collection of personal information made the data more accessible to the NSA.

"Ad targeting is creating the databases filled with information that allows the government to come along with a letter or back-room threat and take it," she said. "If it's really the case that the companies are collecting the data and using it responsibly only for advertising purposes, then why do they create these databases being used by the government?" asks Albrecht.

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Your Blogging Questions Answered

Most Common Blog Questions

Here at ConvertWithContent, we're big believers in blogging.  This year, our goal is to publish a new blog post every day.  That speaks for itself.  We wouldn't make that goal if we didn't believe in it.  Blogging is a crucial part of your online success. We've seen blogging completely change our business, and we've seen it change our clients businesses as well.  If you aren't blogging, you are missing a huge opportunity.

If you want to increase your traffic, leads and sales, you have to be blogging.  I guess all my preaching has paid off as I receive numerous questions about blogging every day.  I've started a #BlogTipOfTheDay video series on GooglePlus to address many of these.  If you have any questions about blogging, please feel free to reach out to me.  I'm always here to help and I love talking about blogging. :)

3 Common Questions About Blogging

1.  How long should a blog post be?

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