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Your Twitter Search, Now Served With a Side of Ads

Twitter is getting into the search advertising business — sort of.

Promoted accounts will now begin to appear at the top of Twitter's search, providing a new selling point for the company's primary marketing opportunity.

Twitter offers promoted accounts as the primary way for marketers to gain paid exposure on the microblogging platform. More than 90% of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising, particularly mobile.

Twitter will pair promoted accounts with related search queries, the company said.

"With this launch, relevant Promoted Accounts can be presented to users in search results along with recommendations of people to follow," Twitter product manager Nipoon Malhotra wrote in a blog post. "We automatically select relevant search queries for presenting Promoted Accounts based on an advertiser’s targeting choices, so no additional action is required for your business to access this capability."

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Going Beyond Facebook Paid Posts to Reach Customers

Going Beyond Facebook Paid Posts to Reach Customers 2

Editor's Note: Entrepreneur's Ask the Expert column seeks to answer questions about everything from starting a business to growing one. To follow the column on Twitter -- and ask a question -- use hashtag #ENTexpert, or leave a comment below. Your query may be the inspiration for a future column.

Q: Now that Facebook is pushing businesses to pay to have their posts have a farther reach, what is the best method for a very small business to do online marketing?
Donna Berlanda

A: In spite of their size, small businesses can still compete in the online-marketing game and stand to deliver significant business results. Facebook paid posts may be pushing smaller business out due to the added expense, but there are plenty of other ways for these companies to reach consumers and grow brand awareness. As with any successful digital marketing strategy, an integrated approach is key to keep your customers engaged. Developing a multi-dimensional program and leveraging unique content across different mediums can help your small business see success -- without taking a hit to your bottom line.  

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Free eBook: Dramatically Improve Performance by Easily Adding Social Media to ALL of Your Campaigns – including advertising, direct response, collateral and PR

Free eBook Dramatically Improve Performance
Most marketers use social media in their marketing efforts but until now, social has lived in its own separate orbit – operating independently of the rest of your programs. Your mission: to make social marketing an integrated, essential element of each and every marketing campaign. In this guide, you'll see how adding social elements to your campaigns can dramatically improve performance and fill your sales pipeline.

This free valuable eBook explores how to:
• Leverage social tools like social sign-on, polling/voting, and sweepstakes
• Deepen and expand relationships with existing customers, turning customers into advocates
• Successfully integrate social channels into your other earned and paid media
• Prove the ROI of your social marketing

Download here: http://pages2.marketo.com/launch-your-social-to-the-moon-socialmediopolis2-february2014.html?source=Email%20Sponsored&comment=socialmediopolis2-emailsponsored-february2014&_kk=&offer=Launch%20Your%20Social%20to%20the%20Moon&utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=na

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The Year of the Social Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Year of the Social Small Business

Small businesses make the US economy tick. They create six out of every ten new jobs, and pumped about $3 trillion into the economy last year. If you’re a small business owner, you should stand tall and proud knowing this.

But leading a small business isn’t always green pastures. Risk and uncertainty are present at every turn, and each decision you make can impact your company’s bottom line.

LinkedIn wants to help take your business to the next level this year, so we conducted a study to investigate how small businesses are using social media, and whether it’s worth the investment.

You might be surprised by what we found: 94% of survey respondents who use social media said they use it for marketing, and 3 in 5 say social solves for the core business challenge of attracting new customers.

For hyper growth companies, social media is even more important. They invest in social media more than any other channel, and agree that it’s extremely effective at accomplishing marketing goals like branding, content marketing, and lead generation.

To see all the stats, check out the infographic below. And to put this knowledge to use, visit our new small business microsite to learn more about how LinkedIn can help you achieve your unique business goals through social media.

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Double Your Facebook Likes in 10 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do I get more likes for my Facebook page? 

double your facebook likes Double Your Facebook Likes in 10 Minutes a Day [Infographic]This is a common refrain among brands looking to grow their Facebook presence. They know they should be in the space but they’re not sure whether it’s worth devoting the amount of time and energy required to grow their Facebook audience. For them, the potential for return on investment (ROI) is murky at best and not easily quantifiable.

The psychology of social media sharing

New York Times study found that:

  • 49% of social media users share content that allows them to inform others about things they care about and have the potential to change opinions or encourage action.
  • 68% of social media users share content so they can give their friends a better sense of who they are and what they care about.
  • 84% of social media users share content that allows them to support causes they care about.

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