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The Public Should Not Buy High Tech IPOs

126973103My internet guru advises me that the public– namely Aunt Sadie, orphans and widows, dentists, and doctors, lawyers and other individual investors– have no business buying tech IPOs like Face book, Zynga, Groupon,etc. because the dice are loaded for the selling investors– not the buying investors. "You have to buy before they go public," my expert observer of gthe private/public markets advises. Be forewarned.

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Google+ Is Going After Yammer To Flank Facebook

134580487Google recently announced that it will begin offering corporate control features for its Google+ social network to businesses for free — at least for a while. If you run a Google Apps domain, you can set up domain-wide restrictions on how your users interact with Google+. Your users can also make "restricted" posts to Google+ which are visible only to members of your domain. It's social networking, but with corporate oversight.

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Now In 600+ Schools And Open To Any Student, Lore Gives Higher Ed A Next-Gen Social Network

l logoWith social networking having permeated the way we look for jobs, share photos and music, and discover news, a startup named Lore is on a mission to do the same for higher education, and potentially re-shape the way teachers and students communicate. Formerly known as CourseKit, the Thiel and Founder's Fund-backed startup is doing that with a platform that is part Facebook and part Blackboard — for courses.
In other words, Lore aims to act as a replacement for the infamous course management system with a gradebook, calendar and document uploading (for class assignments), while giving students a social network-style newsfeed for classroom conversations.

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Poof! $1 Billion Slashed From 2012 Facebook Revenue Forecast

147336710Facebook's revenues, particularly from advertising, won't grow as fast as expected this year, according to a revised forecast from market researcher eMarketer.

EMarketer today said the No. 1 social network will just break $5 billion in revenues this year, with $4.2 billion coming from advertising and the rest from payments and other revenues. That's down $1 billion from the research firm's estimate from last February, several months before Facebook's initial public offering in early May. Even so, Facebook's ad revenues are still forecast to jump 34% this year from a year ago, and rise 29% next year.

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Facebook Says 'Misconfiguration' Allowed Spammers To Impersonate Users

FB iconEmail spammers are using data fraudulently obtained from Facebook to pose as users' friends and family, and trick them into clicking dangerous links.

In a statement released exclusively to Forbes on Wednesday, Facebook reported that the company has "discovered a single isolated campaign that was using compromised email accounts to gain information scraped from Friend Lists due to a temporary misconfiguration on our site."

"We have since enhanced our scraping protections to protect against this and other similar attacks, and will continue to investigate this case further," the company said. "To be clear, there
was neither a mass compromise of Facebook accounts nor any leak of private information."

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