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10 Common Sense Social Media Marketing "Dont's" Some Brands "DO"

112987077So much of social media marketing is common sense. But so many brands make the same common sense mistakes over and over again. Which may mean a reminder is in order. Here are 10 things your social media marketing should never do.

Don't Be Pushy

Social media marketing is about building a rapport with your prospects, not the hard sell. Don't push your products too hard, it's not why people are on social media and it's only going to send them elsewhere. Your social media presence should gently guide prospects towards your products, not shove them to an online store.

Don't Ask For Likes

Asking for 'Likes' in every Facebook post is even worse than the hard sell. Not only are you applying pressure to people who don't want to be pressured, but you're also pressuring them into doing something that offers little direct value to you. Your social media marketing should make prospects actually like your brand, forcing them to Like isn't likely to lead to sales. 

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3 Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

112987077Over the past few decades, technology has providentially leveled the playing field for business owners with small budgets and narrow profit margins and who are in search of affordable marketing options to spread their brand's message. The far-reaching — and inexpensive — arm of e-mail is a perfect example. To date, it's one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools available to anyone with a computer. If implemented correctly, a sharp and well-executed e-mail marketing campaign could be one of the keys to driving lead conversions for your business.

If you're thinking about launching an e-mail marketing campaign for your business, take a look at the following tips for building a successful program before you actually pull the trigger.

1. Cultivating Your Subscriber List

When crafting your subscriber list, best place to start is with your current customers/web visitors. Encourage them to provide you with their e-mail address if they haven't already. Depending on the type of business you have, you may come into contact with your customers face-to-face as they visit your brick and mortar storefront, or, via web traffic as they visit your website. If coming into contact with them in-person, you'll want to set up a display area where they can fill out a card and leave their address. Many business owners like to set this area up right near the cash register, exit/entrance way or bar. And remember, make this setup attractive!

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Free webinar: How To Build A Large LinkedIn Group

Free webinar How To Build A LargeAs you may know, our group is now the #4 largest group on LinkedIn with nearly 500,000 members, including the subgroups, and by far the largest social media group. How did we get to be this large? And does being large matter? You bet it does!

Besides a lot of hard work, a little luck and good timing, there is a strict strategy that will allow you to build your own large and successful group. Register for this free webinar sponsored by our good friends at HubSpot to find out the shortcuts to success. Learn why LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important and how it can benefit YOUR company (or your career).

Check it out and register for FREE! Click here.

There is nothing being sold, no "upgrades"... nothing but some interesting and helpful content sharing. Here's what you'll learn:

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LinkedIn is Revamping its Profile Pages

112987077LinkedIn is revamping its core profile pages.

Starting Tuesday (Oct. 16) the company's 175 million users will see a host of new tools and user options on their Linkedin profile pages, part of an overhaul CEO Jeff Weiner described as "one of the biggest changes to a LinkedIn pillar product in the company's history," during an event at its Moutain View, Calif., headquarters.

The changes to Linkedin's profiles include several new photo, biography and editing options. But overall, the biggest difference in profile pages are a series of new features Linkedin hopes will encourage users to share a whole lot more content via the networking site.

For example, as Linkedin continues to add 175,000 profiles a day, it now provides users with "recommend sections" which they can use to bolster their profiles, such as projects they're working on, languages they speak, test scores and courses they've taken. To further engender profile-building, the company has also added a visualization of profile completeness alongside its right-rail graphics.

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Facebooks Mobile Advertising Interface Was Built By Interns

112987077Interns at Facebook are responsible for much more than getting coffee and making copies. They make valuable contributions. Peter Cottle, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkleley, and future Facebook engineer, reflected on his internship with the social network, writing that himself and another intern were responsible for most of the work on the site's first mobile advertising interface.

Even Cottle (pictured), who will join Facebook full-time next spring, admitted that he didn't expect to make much of an impact when he began his internship. He thought he would be testing already-established programs or writing documentation.

The powers-that-be had something else in mind for Cottle: to design Facebook's first mobile advertising interface. He worked together with another intern, Leo Mancini, who was responsible for the mobile interface's page insights experience.

For my internship project, I was tasked with implementing the promoted posts feature inside the pages manager for iOS application.

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