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Free eBooks: Three Great Ways to Create Effective, Targeted Content That Will Drive Traffic and New User Acquisition

 Free eBooks Three Great Ways to Create Effective Targeted Content That Will Drive Traffic and New User Acquisition

Good content is an absolute requirement for social marketing. Without targeted, fresh, and convincing content, your social efforts probably won't produce the results you are hoping for. Don't get stuck in that trap. We've gathered some incredibly useful resources that will help you take your content marketing to a whole new level. Use these strategies to help you effectively create and distribute attention-grabbing content that you use in social, email, your website, and everyplace else.

1. How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine.

Learn how to develop and refine your content plan, generate engaging content, get your content produced and distributed, and analyze your content operations.

Click here: http://ow.ly/k5nSA

2. Creating Content that Sells: Content Marketing For Demand Generation.

Discover how to use content to engage prospects, reduce risk in the buying process, and get more people to register for access to your content.

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3. From Creation to Conversion: Promoting Content to the Right Audience.

Awesome content does nothing unless you get it in front of the right people. Learn how to make content discoverable, sharable, targeted, personalized, and dynamic.

Click here: http://ow.ly/k5oi2

As always, feel free to forward this to your friends and colleagues so they can take advantage of these helpful guides from Marketo.

Facebook Home Starts Rolling Out Internationally


MENLO PARK, California — Mark Zuckerberg wants to turn your Android phone into a simple sharing device. And by that, he means he wants to turn it into a Facebook phone.

Facebook just announced Facebook Home, which all but turns any Android handset into a "Facebook phone" by putting the social giant right there on the home screen and all of its products at the forefront of the UI. It isn't a phone made by Facebook. It's something better than that, and in some ways, more important: a deeply integrated application with its hooks set tightly into the Android platform. Think of it as an apperating system.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hinting at following this path for years, even as he fought back incessant Facebook phone rumors. A phone is "so clearly the wrong strategy for us," he said last year. And he's right. Facebook can't take on Apple and Samsung, or even Microsoft and BlackBerry. Making hardware is a lot of work, and that kind of work doesn't make sense for Facebook right now. Instead, the social network is ensuring it can be as front-and-center as possible on all the most popular platforms today.

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Social Media Brings Comfort and Connectivity to Those Affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing


Please keep checking in.

People often complain about social media. Facebook is time-consuming and pointless and self-aggrandizing and there's no real connection — yes, all right. Twitter is a constant, exhausting, too-cool-for-school barrage. And both of them leave you feeling a little more distant from everyone, at the price of keeping a line open to everyone you've ever met.

But when awful news hits like the explosions at the Boston Marathon, suddenly all of this feels less like a nuisance and more like a social network. Everyone I know has gone dashing to Facebook. The newsfeed, for once, is full of the bits of news that matter. I'm okay. Are you okay?

These are days that remind you how many people you know. How many people you're grateful to know. How many people there are to worry about. It's a strange new ritual — the frantic phone call from Mom, multiplied and stretched over a thousand fainter connections.

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Google's Affiliate Network Closing Its Doors

FourDoors.71173809 std

You know that old saying, one door closes and another one opens? Well, this recent news brings up memories of people saying that... I wonder what "open door" will come of this announcement. We can only speculate! 

An update on Google Affiliate Network

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Why Social Media is Better Than Your Granny


In a remote village in India 300 miles from Delhi, Sugata Mitra (a software engineer) performed an experiment. He placed a computer connected to the Internet in a hole in the wall. Two months later he came back and found them browsing and playing games.

They told him they wanted a faster processor and a better mouse.

He asked them "How on Earth did you know all this?" They said "Well we didn't know any English so we had to teach ourselves in order to use it"

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