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Facebook Cofounder And World's Youngest Billionaire Offloads Shares

rba1 09The world's youngest billionaire is distancing himself ever so slightly from the social networking giant he helped to create. Forms filed with the SEC on Wednesday show that Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz sold 450,000 shares since last Friday –less than 1% of his stake in Facebook.

A financial filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Moskovitz sold three tranches of shares from his personal trust between last Friday and Tuesday for an average of $19.61 a share, pocketing about $7.5 million dollars after taxes. He still owns just over 133.2 million shares, which represents about 6.2% of shares outstanding in the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company.

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Infinite Scroll: The Web's Slot Machine

106374006A few years ago, everyone was clicking. Today, we're all scrolling. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and as of this week, Instagram and Medium - it seems everyone is getting on the infinite scroll bus. What is it about this magical design pattern that has so many consumer web companies using it?

Not too long ago, users were forced to reload pages to progress from one piece of content to the next. Web designers were advised against creating websites with information appearing "below the fold", the portion of the page underneath what is displayed on the screen. As mobile phones and tablets gained wider adoption, it looked like the swipe might become standard fare. But that's all changed now. Today, designers are dumping the click and flick and opting for the scroll for one simple reason – it works.

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Facebook Ad Startup Nanigans Grabs Ex-Yahoo Exec Marc Grabowski As Its New COO

stk153597rkeYahoo has been losing a lot of steam to Facebook in the advertising game, and now it's lost one of its execs to it, too. Nanigans, the Facebook advertising company, is today announcing the appointment of a new COO, Marc Grabowski, a nine-year veteran of Yahoo and one of the first to depart after Marissa Mayer took over the CEO job.

The move is an interesting one, given that Yahoo has put a lot of emphasis on the display element of its advertising business, while Nanigans is more of an ad tech company, working in the still-emerging area of social media performance advertising, analysing and optimizing data about usage and viewers to drive installs, registrations, purchases and other engagement metrics. Nanigans says current traffic its ads are around 2 billion Facebook Ad impressions daily.

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Facebook: Some Venture Investors Are Moving On

fB analyticsIn a flurry of SEC filings this afternoon, the true meaning of the Facebook lock-up expiration became clear: some of the key players in the company's early years are moving on.

As my colleague Ryan Mac notes, investor Peter Thiel has sold most of his position, unloading close to 20.1 million shares at an average price of about $20. Last week, Thiel filed with the SEC to disclosure the conversion of 9.3 million of his Class B shares into free-trading Class A shares. The sales disclosed today would appear to be about 72% of his post-IPO holdings. He had previously sold 16.8 million shares in the IPO.

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Check Out TheFacebook's 2004 Advertising Pitch Deck

 78529702In the scheme of things, eight years isn't a very long time. But as this artifact demonstrates, for Facebook, it's the difference between a startup run out of a dorm room and the global powerhouse it is today.

This 2004 advertising pitch deck, unearthed by Digiday, is from the era depicted in the film The Social Network. As the film details, Eduardo Saverin was keen on monetizing "TheFacebook" from the early days via advertising, but Mark Zuckerberg was more interested in growing the company as fast and as much as possible.

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