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Instagram Loses 25% of its Users After Privacy Policy Update

112987077Instagram users outraged over new rules made good on their threat to dump the popular photo-sharing app.

The app, which Facebook acquired for $1 billion earlier this year, may have shed nearly a quarter of its daily active users in the wake of the debacle, according to figures from AppData.

"[We are] pretty sure the decline in Instagram users was due to the terms of service announcement" on Dec. 17, AppData told The Post.

Instagram, which peaked at 16.4 million active daily users the week it rolled out its policy change, had fallen to 12.4 million as of yesterday, according to the data.

Last week, Instagram changed its terms of service to pave the way for advertising.

The new language would have allowed the company to sell user photos for advertising and promotions "without any compensation to you."

The move sparked threats of a mass exodus, with celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber expressing outrage.

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This Creepy App Stalks Women without their Knolwedge, Also Wakeup Call about Facebook Privacy

creepy app article

"Boy, you sure have a lot of apps on your phone."

"Well, it's my job."

"What's your favorite?"

"Oh, I couldn't choose. But hey, want to see one to set your skin crawling?"

It was the flush end of a pleasurably hot day — 85 degrees in March — and we were all sipping bitter cocktails out in my friend's backyard, which was both his smoking room, beer garden, viticetum, opossum parlor and barbecue pit. I was enjoying the warm dusk with a group of six of my best friends, all of whom seemed interested, except for my girlfriend... who immediately grimaced.
"Girls Around Me? Again?" she scolded. "Don't show them that."

She turned to our friends, apologetically.

"He's become obsessed with this app. It's creepy."

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2013: Measuring The Intangibles of Social Media

2013 Measuring The Intangibles of Social MediaWe've been programmed to produce results. Most business leaders chase the achievement of a result through the emphasis of tangible goals...increase sales by X% or decrease cost by X%. With all the emphasis on tangible results business has forgotten the intangibles are what create the results.

The media loves results. Results, good and bad, are used to craft stories that get mass attention. Mass attention drives traffic, ratings and advertising revenue. Corporations and institutions have learned to feed the media with the aim of influencing their results. The influence of media can be used to reach more people. The more people reached increases the odds of a transaction. The process has been followed for hundreds of years.

Then the media and the results of media changed due to this intangible thing called social media.

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2 Ways You Can Make Search Engine Optimization Irrelevant

149089294If you are taking the time to read this article, then you probably already know that search engine optimization is one of the cornerstones of most successful Internet marketing plans, and that understanding your markeitng personas is crucial to reaching prospects.

For most companies, it's the cheese on pizza – the one thing they know they want as a tool to attract customers online.

With that in mind, it almost seems sacrilegious to ask whether it's possible to completely ignore Google, Bing, and their many smaller competitors. Could you actually structure your online marketing plan to make SEO irrelevant?

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How To Use SEO Properly: Shake It Up

How To Use SEO Properly Shake It UpSometimes I think that all the information necessary for success in life is contained in the classic nursery rhymes. You've heard the adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Well it turns out the goose's advice reigns just as true for digital marketers as it did the gatherers of old.

When it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO as it's more commonly known, the biggest mistake digital marketers make is focusing solely on one tactic. "Blog, blog, blog!," "We need links," "The website, people!" In channeling all your efforts into one of these activities, you optimize that area only at the expense of all the others.

Why not diversify your tactics and reap the benefits of many methods? In doing so you'll reach a larger audience, build a more complete brand, and save yourself from many monotonous afternoons engaged in the same SEO activity.

Here are some areas in which you should switch things up:

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