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Facebook Launches WordPress Tool, Makes Blogging More Social

facebook wordpress tool socialmediopolisFacebook announced sweeping integrations for WordPress.org and WordPress.com VIP users on Tuesday morning — allowing you to add your blog content to the social network in one click.

The integrations are accessible through a Facebook for WordPress plugin (available here) and allow bloggers and administrators of WordPress-based sites to cross-publish content to WordPress, their own Facebook Timelines and the Facebook Pages they oversee.

"The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required," Facebook engineer Matt Kelly wrote in a blog post introducing the tool.

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Twitter Just Made Trends More Relevant To You

twitter trends tailored socialmediopolisTwitter is rolling out what it calls "tailored trends" Tuesday — to help users see more relevant topics in their Discover tab and top trends list. Both areas display topics that are attracting the most conversations at any given time worldwide or in 150 specific locations.

"Today we're improving our algorithms to tailor trends based on your location and who you follow on Twitter," the company's product manager Sara Mauskopf wrote in a blog post. "These Trends lists are tailored for you by default on twitter.com and mobile apps like Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android."

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LinkedIn hacked: How to protect yourself online

linkedin protect online socialmediopolisLinkedIn (LNKD) (along with unrelated sites like eHarmony and Last.fm) suffered a massive data breach when millions of user accounts and passwords were leaked and posted to hacker sites. Is there a way to know if you were affected? And what should you do about it?

First, the good news: The odds are in your favor. Even though a staggering 6.5 million passwords were stolen from LinkedIn, that represents only about 4 percent of the site's 150 million users. And if you were one of the unlucky few whose information was lifted, you should have been informed by now. LinkedIn sent messages to affected members last week indicating that their passwords had already been invalidated, with instructions on how to set up new passwords.

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Drive For Five - 500,000 members

Drive-4-Five SocialMediopolis Membership DriveSocialMediopolis and our sister LinkedIn group, Social Media Marketing, has just passed the 300,000 member mark. That makes us the 4th largest group on LinkedIn and the LARGEST professional social media marketing group on the planet. It is quite an accomplishment that we can all be proud of. BUT, it is just the beginning! I am confident we can hit 500,000 members in record time and to celebrate that, we are announcing a membership drive promotion with an exciting sweepstakes.

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What Robert Scoble really thinks of Facebook's Open Graph sharing


Before you bank on Facebook's open access to user information, you need to hear Robert's thoughts on the future of Facebook and what's coming next in social technology.

If Robert Scoble was a brand (one might argue that he is), his numbers would rival some of the biggest household names. He has 256 thousand Twitter followers, 245 thousand people have subscribed to his feed on Facebook, and 1.4 million people are following him on Google+.

When Robert speaks, techies takes notice. So when we got five minutes with him behind the scenes at ad:tech San Francisco, we asked what we hoped the digital marketing community wanted to hear: What does he really think of Facebook's Open Graph sharing?

Here's what he had to say about the advertising power of Facebook and Google+, as well as some of the new cool and "freaky" things we'll be seeing soon.

"Facebook is building a new media company. One where the media comes to you."

Watch the video at What Robert Scoble really thinks about Facebook's Open Graph sharing


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