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What Does Universal Analytics Mean for Social Media?


Google's announcement regarding Universal Analytics (UA) back in October 2012 probably didn't register much beyond the hard core of Google Analytics users.

However, with the roll out of the availability of UA as a public beta to all new Google Analytics (GA) users since March 2013, there is no doubt that Universal Analytics will remain a big topic over the rest of the year.

So what exactly is Universal Analytics? And why should anyone be bothered about it? More specifically, what are the implications for social media?

On a technical level, Universal Analytics is a brand new version of the Google Analytics tracking code. But the real difference is that this new code will track a lot more than just website visits. Google Analytics is based on an older analytics tool called Urchin, acquired by Google in 2005. However, the history of Urchin itself stretches back to 1998. A lot has happened in the intervening years, but fundamentally Google Analytics is still currently about tracking website visits.

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Why Good Content and Social Media Go Hand in Hand


Personal communications have come a long way since the birth of smoke signals and pigeon post, but the core value has remained the same – human connection. Fast forward a few thousand years and human connection has become so easily available through social media channels, it's almost impossible to go a couple of hours without craving a new blog, tweet or post.

The birth of tech-savvy social scavengers and the threads they follow is music to the ears of content marketers, as this collaboration provides them with the perfect platform to deliver their content.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are like the modern-day water cooler – a place for people to gather and gossip. Information is shared and people feel connected. It's this connection that content marketers can exploit by producing content for social media that people care about and will actually look for.

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Social Media Examiner's Michael Stelzner Launches "My Kids Adventures"

Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner has launched a new project called, "My Kids Adventures" and it looks really great!

It's all about making it simple for folks to have fun adventures with their kids anywhere (in the home, the backyard or the great outdoors). Think indoor camping, glow in the dark bowling in your home, how to make a Star Wars movie with your kids, how to have a backyard water Olympics and so on.

my kids adventure

Click here to watch the video of Michael Stelzner and have him explain it in his own words...

We suggest to check it out! It's a great new site and looks to have a bright future.

(Image via My Kids Adventures)

How You Should Be Using LinkedIn But Probably Aren't


If you're like me, you hastily set up a LinkedIn page, accepted invitations to connect, and then left your page to wither. Big mistake. In a recent survey of 835 business owners by Vistage International and The Wall Street Journal, 41 percent of respondents singled out LinkedIn Corp. as "potentially beneficial to their company" -- not just to job seekers.

To find out just how employees, employers and small businesses can tap this professional networking site, we turned to Nicole Williams, one of LinkedIn's experts and a small-business owner herself. Williams highlighted several essential tasks for using LinkedIn more robustly to build one's business.

Create a complete personal and company page profile
"To get the full benefit of LinkedIn, you really have to put yourself out there," Williams says. "Many people underestimate the importance of filling out an entire profile," either as an individual professional or a business owner. That means it's essential to list all past experience that may reflect your ability to execute and problem-solve, even if you think it's irrelevant.

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What Social Media Managers Should Be Doing Their First Week on The Job


About two years ago in 2011, a few months shy of when I was first hired into my job as a social media manager, the LA Times ran an article on how employers were investing more into social media and hiring individuals to run departments to establish a social media presence for their brand. In 2011, the number of jobs had increased over 75% that year alone and while that was great news for anyone looking for a job in a field with more freedom and less restrictions than your average career grants, it was also a field where the duties were much more vague.

Once hired into the position of social media manager, your time becomes measured in so many ways. What you do and how you do it needs to be accounted for and you can only get away with light tweeting and fluffy posts on the company blog for so long. The problem is that more often than not, there is no blueprint in place on what to do next. The more demanding the position, the more you will be expected to keep up with the company's respective social media platforms, morning, noon, and night. And the less demanding the position and duties, the more likely it'll become that, unless you start showing real results for your work, your position could be first on the chopping block in the event of the company needing to scale back financially.

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