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What Google+ Is Really About - And Why It's Anything But a Failure

What Google Is Really About
It's been over two years since the launch of Google+, and from the very start the service has had no shortage of voices ready to call it a failure. But for me, the criticisms, and there’ve been plenty, tend to focus too heavily on the idea of Google+ as a competitor to Facebook in the traditional social networking space. The reality, and I’m certainly not the first to say it, is that for Google, social networking is only a small part of the Plus masterplan, which is far more about growing Google’s core ad business and supporting future hardware projects, as I’ll explain in this post.

What does Google get out of Google+?

To take several steps back, there are essentially two ways advertising networks like Google can sell online inventory: contextually and demographically.

Google have an incredible contextual advertising model in Adwords. A Google user searches for a keyword and they’re served an advert in the context of the information they are looking for. Contextual advertising is perfect for Google’s search results pages because it's extremely easy for advertisers to see the value. For Google, that market is huge but there’s little room for growth. There’s a finite number of search result pages they can monitize (although that finite number is in the billions) and there’s an upper ceiling to what advertisers will be willing to pay for clicks on search ads.

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Departing Yahoo Exec Nets $109 Million Golden Parachute, Report Says

Departing Yahoo Exec Nets 109 Million Golden Parachute Report Says

Yahoo chief executive officer Marissa Mayer has been under a microscope ever since she took over the company in 2012. But now, with the pricey firing of chief operating officer Henrique de Castro, the former Googler is under even more scrutiny.

De Castro will walk away from Yahoo with up to $109 million, according to reports citing research from Equilar, an executive compensation and corporate-governance data firm.

To put that astounding severance-package figure in perspective, consider that Yahoo acquired an entire company just last week for $80 million, according to some sources.

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These 5 Brands are Nailing It on Pinterest

pinterest hannah

When it comes to Pinterest, many brands aren’t quite sure how to turn boards and pins into followers and potential customers. However, now more than ever it is important to not overlook this image sharing social network.

Pinterest users have proven that they trust their Pinterest networks to endorse solid products. These people trust their networks so much, in fact, that 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.

Pinterest also generates 4x more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook.

There are a few brands, however, who have figured out the business potential of Pinterest. See how these 5 brands have been using it to the fullest.

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The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette


LinkedIn has developed a killer resource of 225 million users, one you absolutely should take advantage of when it comes to your career. But you'll have to navigate LinkedIn's potentially tricky tools and settings while you're at it. Not to mention take care to maintain proper etiquette at all times. That's a lot of pressure.

Chances are, if you do use LinkedIn, you're approaching the network from a job seeker's perspective — if not now, then in the future. Or maybe you're a recruiter or a PR representative looking to network and pitch via LinkedIn.

No matter your background, let's dissect some of the biggest etiquette dos and don'ts when logging into LinkedIn, the web's largest professional network.

Job Seekers

1. Hide your activity, but make your profile public.

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Top 7 Social Media Myths -- Busted!

Social media have probably been one of the most talked about topics in recent times. And in proportion to its popularity, a number of myths have already come to the fore. If you are into the online business, busting these social media myths is a must.top 7 social media myths busted

When it comes to social media sites, the more you join, the better.

Social media is one of the most wonderful things to have happened in the online world. It is equally important for both businesses and individuals. However, that does not mean that you will need to have profiles on each and every social media website found on the internet. In fact, you should do a bit of research to find out the sites with maximum users of your target audience. These will have a major impact on the businesses, as they will be able to reach out to the maximum number of relevant people within the shortest possible time.

Social media marketing has no return on investment.

The concept of marketing through social media has been gaining ground over the past few years. It is becoming increasingly relevant with every passing day, as more and more people as well as companies are joining social media websites to build their online presence. However, the myth remains that the investment in social media fetches no return for the investors. This, of course, is not true. With so many users, the best social media websites offer the chance to reach out to maximum people. This, in turn, can help to generate leads and business, and result in maximum revenues in the long run.

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