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Facebook Says 'Misconfiguration' Allowed Spammers To Impersonate Users

FB iconEmail spammers are using data fraudulently obtained from Facebook to pose as users' friends and family, and trick them into clicking dangerous links.

In a statement released exclusively to Forbes on Wednesday, Facebook reported that the company has "discovered a single isolated campaign that was using compromised email accounts to gain information scraped from Friend Lists due to a temporary misconfiguration on our site."

"We have since enhanced our scraping protections to protect against this and other similar attacks, and will continue to investigate this case further," the company said. "To be clear, there
was neither a mass compromise of Facebook accounts nor any leak of private information."

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Watch Out for This Sneaky Facebook Scam Disguised as a Photo Notification

frequestThe next time Facebook sends you an email about a friend tagging you in a new picture, be cautious — it could be a trap.

A new strain of malware identified by security firm Sophos as Troj/Agent-XNN has been circulating the social networking site, encouraging members to view photos as an attachment. After clicking on the infected link — which is disguised as a Facebook
notification email — a ZIP file containing malware allows hackers to gain control over Windows-operated computers.

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How Much Is A Like Worth? SumAll Social Metrics Tracks Social Activity Against Web Traffic And Revenue

141250476Data visualization company SumAll launched SumAll Social Metrics, tracking a company's social activity against web traffic and revenue and providing insights on the company's return on social marketing.

SumAll claims it is the first analytics tool to give users transactional, social and web traffic on a single dashboard. Users can see their full social history updated in real-time and can filter by geography and demographics or types of actions including page views and content clicks.

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Where Have All The Users Gone?

73223923Step 1: Build an app. Step 2: Get users hooked to it.  Step 3:Profit.

It sounds simple and, given our umbilical ties to cell phones, social media, and email inboxes, it may even sound plausible. Recently, tech entrepreneurs and investors have started to look to psychology for ways to strike it rich by altering user behavior. Perhaps you've read essays on how to create habit-forming technology and figured you'd give it a shot?

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Facebook's New Retargeted Ads Performing "Very Well", Adds Partners To Run Them

FB targetFacebook Exchange could pull in a wealth of new advertising dollars by letting businesses retarget ads at Facebook users who've visited their websites. Now I've learned and confirmed that the first Exchange ads are running, and Facebook has nearly doubled the companies with access to the program. Plus one source close to Exchange tells me "initial results are good, they're going very, very well."

Announced 10 weeks ago, Exchange brings the first cookie-based retargeted ads to Facebook — a format common around the web but that Facebook must handle delicately because of privacy. The expansion and comments from Sheryl Sandberg show Facebook has high hopes that Exchange will bolster its bottom line.

Why Exchange Is Critical To Facebook

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