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Tracking Conversions on Facebook and Twitter

Tracking Conversions on Facebook and Twitter

Over the last several months social media platforms have begun to show their biggest fear… revenue attribution and conversion tracking. Today let’s take a dive into the murky waters of measuring social ROI strictly from an order/lead conversion perspective and how you implement and report from Facebook and Twitter. 

Facebook Setup

Facebook is no stranger to the social space and their advertising platform improves weekly. The first thing to do if you advertise on Facebook with offsite links is to implement Facebook Conversion Tracking (https://www.facebook.com/help/435189689870514/). Utilizing Facebook’s conversion pixel you simply need to log into your Facebook Ads Manager and click on Conversion Tracking then click on “Create Conversion Pixel.” Name the pixel something memorable and choose the appropriate category. Try to limit the number of pixels within each category to 1 (I’ll explain in the next section).

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Social Startups: StarGreetz Attracts Customers with Personalized Video Messages

Social Startups StarGreetz Attracts Customers with Personalized Video Messages

What if Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum spoke to you by name, and then her co-lead singer Charles Kelley and guitarist Dave Haywood chimed in on the conversation? At first you’d probably be taken back by the personal email ad, but it would lead you to click the link they shared. Perhaps you’d immediately share the personal Facebook ad with your friends, and then make the purchase they recommended. It would definitely call for a Favorite and RT on Twitter, and then you’d visit the website they suggested.

Los-Angeles based StarGreetz is hoping you do all of the above. “We always realized that the future was in personalized, customized video content,” says CEO Eric Frankel, who in 2010 founded the leading personalization video platform. 

Originally, StarGreetz was a personal greeting service with celebrities dishing out personalized video eCards, ringtones, ringback tones, voice messages, and birthday greetings. “About two years ago we realized that we had built the world's best, most flexible, and dynamic video personalization platform,” Frankel says. 

Seeing this, Frankel and his two co-founders switched reels, deciding to “rent” the cloud-based SaaS platform to brands to empower them to "converse" with current and potential customers.

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5 Tools You Can Use To Increase Your Social Media Productivity

5 Tools You Can Use To Increase Your Social Media Productivity image Calendar

One of the questions I get a lot from my webinar attendees is, “I don’t have a lot of time to post to my social networks during the day. How can I make time to be active on social media and run my business?”

The truth is, social media marketing isn’t easy. It takes time and a commitment to grow your social channels, create and share great content, and engage with your followers. However, there are some tools that can help do some of the work for you, giving you some time back. You don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to post to your social channels.

Try using one of these tools to schedule your content in advance:

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6 Reasons Your Facebook Postings May Not Get Responses

Facebook reach declining after algorithm change
The first sign that things were changing on Facebook appeared a few weeks ago. There was a significant drop in reach for almost all of our clients. Reach is the metric provided in Facebook analytics that is supposed to show how much exposure a post receives. The drop happened on the same day immediately following algorithm changes.

Since then, we’ve tested a variety of strategies to see if the lost exposure could be regained. There were some gains but overall Facebook has become less effective as a marketing platform. Following the drop in reach, the question we received most often is, “why?” Here are the six top reasons we found:

  1. The Facebook algorithm change reduced exposure.

    People will not respond if they don’t see the message. The basic algorithm change buried any messages seen as frivolous and reduced exposure of promotional posts that were not sponsored ads. The announcement that sponsored ads are going away in April is misleading. Sponsored ads are changing. They will still exist in a different format. The changes in April will not benefit companies that don’t participate in Facebook advertising.

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The Inevitable Bite of Buying Followers and Likes

The Inevitable Bite of Buying Followers and Likes

I was recently involved in a discussion where a business manager raised the idea of buying Twitter followers. My immediate reaction was ‘definitely not’ but others in the conversation noted their own experiences in purchasing followers and ‘Likes’ and the results varied significantly. It’s unethical, it’s tantamount to deception, but it’s also something that many brands have either considered or have already undertaken. A recent report suggested the fake social media profile industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, so there's definitely demand coming from somewhere. And you have to agree, upping the numbers does give a business more clout in the social space. So the question is, should you do it? There's a few things you should consider before submitting to the social media dark side.

Numbers Do Matter
No matter how you look at it, you can't downplay the importance of follower and 'Like' counts. More followers equals more popularity and, theoretically, higher influence. Having a million followers not only suggests that what that person says is important, but that by getting them to engage with you, you are also important, by extension. As an individual, that's very powerful, but as a brand, it's potentially priceless. If Katy Perry, the current holder of the highest follower count in the world, tweeted about your product, that's coverage you simply can't get anywhere else.

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