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6 Easy Ways to Boost Site Traffic With Facebook


by Rebecca Corliss

In a recent study, Facebook was hailed as the most-used social networking site around the world, specifically as the most-frequented site in 126 of the 137 countries studied. With this in mind, marketers should consider how they can utilize their own market's Facebook usage to support company's goals.

For B2B companies who are naturally focused on lead generation, this data suggests that an increased emphasis on Facebook as a traffic source is important. But how might B2B marketers take advantage of this opportunity, specifically when considering Facebook's migration to the timeline layout? Here are a few tips.

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Facebook closes Credits in favor of real currency


Facebook is shuttering its Credits system for online payments across the social network, replacing it with local currency and a new subscription payments option.

"Since we introduced Credits in 2009," Facebook's Prashant Fuloria told developers, "most games on Facebook have implemented their own virtual currencies, reducing the need for a platform-wide virtual currency."

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Facebook Mobile Ads Earn 2.5 Times More Than Desktop Ads, Studies Find

facebook readies mobile ads

Facebook's mobile ads are performing significantly better than its desktop ads, according to multiple studies released Tuesday. That's great news for the social network and its investors, who have worried about the company's revenue prospects as its 900 million-strong user base shifts more of its time to mobile devices.

At the beginning of the month, Facebook began allowing advertisers to purchase Sponsored Stories solely on mobile devices for the first time. Sponsored Stories are posts companies and individuals have paid to highlight in the News Feeds of its fans and their friends (see right screenshot).

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Why the Interest Graph Is a Marketer's Best Friend


Nadim Hossain is currently the vice president of marketing at PowerReviews, a social commerce platform recently acquired by Bazaarvoice and used by leading brands such as Dillards, REI, Toys "R" Us, and Staples. Follow him on Pinterest @nadimhossain.

Since the dawn of companies like Twitter, one question has baffled marketers: How do we demonstrate ROI in our social media strategy? For example, we know that Facebook "likes" don't equal sales. So what's the alternative?

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Facebook to Launch App Subscriptions in July


Facebook on Tuesday announced it will soon offer app developers the ability to charge for subscriptions, opening up another revenue stream for the
newly public company.

The move, announced on Facebook's Developer Blog, will let makers of apps — particularly gaming apps — cultivate another source of recurring income of which Facebook will get a 30% cut. Such subscriptions will be priced in local currency (example: the U.S. dollar or the British pound) rather than in Credits. As Facebook admits in the blog entry, Credits haven't become the standard method of payment since most games on the platform have implemented their own virtual currencies.

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