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Google Glass: The Future of Us

Google Glass 1

When I wear Google Glass, people tell me I look like one of the Borg -- a fictional alien collective, from the Star Trek franchise, comprised of cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species that share a hive mind. Of course, I don't feel like a cybernetically enhanced humanoid drone, I feel like a regular human being who is lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the future of humanity and what the world will look like when it is inhabited by exo-digitally (or cybernetically) enhanced humans. Google Glass is more than just the ancestral DNA of the convergence of wearable computing, life in a wireless cloud, and augmented reality tools... it is a way to think about what is possible as we evolve in our connected world.

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Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

Adobe Adds Cloud Based Mobile Services

Hot on the heels of releasing six major features to Adobe Analytics, Adobe has released new mobile services as part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The new service is fully integrated with both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, their testing and targeting service in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The new cloud-based mobile services provides a Mobile Services Software Development Kit (SDK) to help app developers integrate analytics collection into their apps.
The Mobile Services SDK provides one, unified method of data collection for either native apps written in Objective C or similar languages as well as hybrid apps, based around HTML5 wrapped up in a chromeless browser, like Adobe's PhoneGap service.
The SDK will allow developers to gain rich analytics data on app usage while dumping the data collected directly into Adobe Analytics, Target and Audience Manager.

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The Power of One: One Thing Small Business Owners Can Do To End the Year on a Perfect Note

The Power of One

This time of year, every second counts. As you go into pre-holiday turbo drive, worrying about one more thing seems like one too many. But what if that one thing could turn into the biggest opportunity of the year, bring you a new client, or capture the attention of a whole new customer set?

Whether you're gearing up for Small Business Saturday on November 30th or making one last pre-holiday push, here is our list of the "one thing" small business owners can do on LinkedIn to end the year on the perfect note:

1.Like one post a day that your network has shared that is relevant to what you do or that inspires you.

2. Share one article a week about something new in your industry or something that has inspired you to keep pushing forward with your business.

3. Add one piece of visual content to your profile to showcase what your business has to offer. This can be photos, videos, documents, or presentations.

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Want to Prove Your Company Is Human? Get Your CEO to Tweet

Want to Prove Your Company Is Human Get Your CEO to Tweet

Big company executives are virtually invisible on social networks. Whether it's CEOs, CMOs, or CIOs only a small number of them are finding time to engage with their peers and their customers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. Most prefer to leave that to their marketing and PR teams.
That said, it seems that executives do realize the value of such an engagement. A survey conducted by Bazaarvoice in the summer of 2012 among 100 Chief Marketing Officers clearly showed that CMOs see value in social media. Over 82% of CMOs believe social data has a measurable impact on brand awareness. Over 89% said that social data has influenced their decisions and 21% of those surveyed said social data affected at least one in five decisions they made.

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There's Content in Your Pocket: 10 Marketing Lessons From Dr. Seuss

10 Marketing Lessons From Dr Seuss

Content marketing and storytelling go together like green eggs and ham, so who better to take inspiration from than Dr. Seuss, one of the world's greatest storytellers?

Here are 10 quotes from the acclaimed children's book author and takeaways for all content marketers.

1. "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So ... get on your way." (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)
Lesson: Traditional marketing has lost impact as consumers block out noise, while content marketing is about educating readers and customers—not selling. If you haven't started yet, now's a great time!

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