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5 Reasons You Need a Facebook Marketing Professional

112987077Facebook has become a home to 1 billion users and brands are well aware of the fact that their target audience is spending a lot of time here.

However as social graphs are becoming interest graphs, users are also more careful about choosing the people and friends they connect with and the brands they want to follow.

To make the work even more challenging, a recent report shows that Facebook altered its EdgeRank algorithm, the formula behind how updates are shown in news feed. Most of the community managers noticed and experienced a huge decline in the organic reach from Facebook page updates last month.

Obviously Facebook marketers' responsibilities have scaled up and this job is more difficult than it was one or two years ago.

Facebook marketing success is not an easy road

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What do Sex, Food and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

112987077From creating expectation, to being unexpected, from creating desire to being memorable and even shareable, great sex, great food and great social media marketing have a lot in common. So how do you turn marketing into something people actually look for and look forward to?

Great sex, great food and great marketing create desire then make us feel good

Women and men often dress nice, sport seductive scents and wear expensive jewelry to make themselves sexually attractive. Cooks intentionally make food smell and look good to make us want it. Likewise, good marketing creates a desire that your brand or product satisfies. Develop marketing ideas and executions that create an expectation of amazing things to come, then be sure to deliver on that promise.

Great sex, great food and great marketing involve other people

The best sex and food experiences usually happen with other people. When was the last time you couldn't wait to tell your friends about the night you and yourself hooked up at the club? Or the amazing sandwich you made yourself? Never. You never told that story. The same goes for good marketing. The best marketing gets others involved. Set up situations in which fans of your brand can create content in the form of videos, photos, fan art, songs, graphics and memes, and then facilitate the sharing of that content. Make your fans into rock stars by publicizing their love of your brand and products.

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Reminder: Last Day to Save $400 on Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego

112987077Just a quick reminder. This Thursday (Nov. 1st) is the last day to save $400 on tickets to our Social Media Marketing World conference--the largest physical social media marketing conference taking place in San Diego, California.

Here are four reasons you should consider attending:

# 1: Meet face-to-face with marketing experts you've come to admire. Presenters include Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, John Jantsch, Sally Hogshead, Amy Porterfield, Dave Kerpen, Michael Stelzner, Lee Odden, Jason Falls, Mark Schaefer, Cliff Ravenscraft, Joe Pulizzi, Marcus Sheridan, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn (see more in image at right)--just to mention a few! Scroll down to learn about our amazing brand presenters as well.

# 2: Network with 1,000 fellow marketers in an environment like no other. This is the event where you'll make priceless professional connections. It includes structured networking after keynotes and lunch, and catered evening events at the historic San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Networking Cruise aboard the largest private yacht in Southern California. And check this out: your peers are coming from Norway, Dubai, France, Australia, Ireland, Costa Rica, Canada, India, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom and all parts of the United States!

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"Frankenstorm" and Social Media / Social Media Marketing

112987077Frankenstorm and Social Media

As I write this, I am sitting at home in Central Connecticut awaiting the much-hyped "Frankenstorm" that is bearing down on New England and the East Coast from South Carolina to Maine. This storm's conditions have apparently not been met since 1938, due to the unique factor of a hurricane coming at the tail end of hurricane season and two snow storms coming from the northwest (Great Lakes region) at the very beginning of snow season. We're in the gray area where both seasons semi-overlap each other but very rarely do the circumstances occur which allow such an amalgum to be born into creation... A few days before Halloween no less, thus the storm has prematurely been dubbed "Frankenstorm". 

It's amazing to see how social media has grown to become such a powerful force in the exchange of information... It used to be that in order to get news updates about a massive storm bearing down on your area like the one currently barreling towards the East Coast, you'd have to sit in front of the T.V. and watch what was happening per the news crews... nowadays you can sit on Facebook or Twitter and look at updates from friends, brand pages, news sites - where they post links to news articles from all over the web, established news stations and new blogs, YouTube videos taken by 'boots on the ground' - average citizens capturing the moments in real time using their cell phones and cameras. 

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Why You Should Stop Running Those Successful Facebook Promotions

112987077In a recent infographic from Lab42's blog it was revealed that 34% of consumers like brands on Facebook for promotions or discounts, and 21% of consumers like brands for free giveaways. Doing some simple math for you, that equates to 55% of all Facebook brand Page likes that are driven by people's desire to get something for free or to save a few bucks. Pretty compelling information, but there are two sides to this story.


I can speak from personal experience that social media promotions and giveaways, if executed and promoted properly, can be excellent fan acquisition tools. Without a doubt, promotions and giveaways are one of the fastest ways to attract new fans to your brand page, and can be run for just about any budget. Three of the many benefits of running a social media promotion or giveaway include:

Fan Acquisition

Acquiring new fans is not only great because it gives you more people to speak with, but it also provides social validation to prospective fans that your community is desirable to be a part of, which should even further grow the size of your community.

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