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Social Marketing: How to Take the Local Approach

We tend to keep tabs on the huge companies out there who are really killing it on social media. Campaigns like localbusiness-circle 3those put forth by the likes of Oreo or Ford stay on our radar because they set the trends. What you may not know is that social media marketing can extend into the local market as well.

In fact, a report put together by BIA/Kelsey for Surefire Social showed that 60% of franchise businesses use their Facebook pages for local promotions. This well surpasses the percentage of national brands that use other promotional efforts to target the local space, with 43.2% saying they use newspapers and just 36.8% indicating they use email marketing.

So how can you get in on this rising trend? We’ve put together some helpful tips for targeting the local market with your social media efforts. The good news here is you’ll find it doesn’t differ that dramatically from nationwide campaigns. You just–as you’d might expect–have to be more focused.

Step 1: Claim Your Local Profiles

There are many social sites dedicated to providing information about local businesses. It’s important you have control over your profiles on these sites to ensure the information there is correct and up-to-date. It also has a tremendous impact on your SEO, since these sites tend to rank high and having a profile on them increases the likelihood people will be able to find you using “city name + industry” search queries.

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Five Reasons the Pillars of SEO Will Never Fall

As someone even remotely related to the SEO industry, you know that trends come and go. Some ways to effectively drive and boost traffic may work one day and fail the next. Some things that attract search engines under one model might be detrimental in the next. You’ve probably also heard SEO as a whole is referred to as a dying trend; something that’s bound to fail.

Sure, certain aspects of the industry may change and evolve into something new altogether, but SEO as a whole is here to stay, regardless of the naysayers who like to stir up controversy by claiming otherwise. Providing you’re willing to adapt, there’s no reason your own business or practice cannot grow in the long term with a solid SEO strategy in place.

In fact, most SEO skepticism is rooted in a futile debate involving ‘black hat vs. white hat’ tactics. Essentially, whenever Google updates their algorithm to crack down on the spam/trickster side of SEO, ripples vibrate throughout the hive-mind and everyone exaggerates the update as the final culling blade.

Ignore the hive-mind. That’s my best piece of advice. Instead, look at what the creator of the largest search engine in the world is sending to our inbox:

 google proof seo lives on

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5 Reasons Brand Strategy and Social Media Should Work Together

While a social media department that exists in a silo is certainly better than none at all, it’s not nearly as effective as an integrated brand strategy.

Social media is now the most popular online activity, accounting for 27% of time consumers spend on the internet. 74% of marketers consider their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other major networks an integral part of generating new leads. Simply put, the potential of social media is far too great to not use to its fullest potential. The most effective marketers today actively work to integrate their content marketing and communication across platforms, so their customers and prospects can benefit from their company’s consistency and clarity.5 Reasons Brand Strategy and Social Media Should Work Together image define brand strategy

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The Terrifying Social Media Game That's Already Claiming Lives

How far does a game need to go before it's no longer a laughing matter? A new social media game called terrifying social media gameNeknomination seems to have answered that question. An Internet-assisted drinking game originating with a pro athlete in the UK, a game of escalating challenges has already been blamed for several deaths around the world.

It has drawn attention to the difficulties of monitoring the way young people use social media, as well as the persistent dangers of excessive drinking for people of all ages. Thankfully, the tragedies surrounding Neknomination have inspired some to alter the game to do some good.

What is Neknomination?

Neknomination is a viral video challenge game thought to originate within the closed circle of a UK rugby player and his friends. In the game, a person records themself drinking a large quantity ("necking") of alcohol, often in unusual circumstances or mixed with other things, followed by a challenge for another individual to create and consume an even more extreme drink.

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Twitter Becoming Powerful B2B Marketing Tool

With each day that passes, and with each mobile user who signs up for a Twitter account, the importance of the twitter-bird-300x193platforms for businesses reaching out to their clients and prospects deepens. With over a billion people now registered for the service, and over 300 billion Tweets sent, the network isn’t a fad and it continues to grow.

But how does Twitter play out in the B2B space? Is there any use for it when it comes to landing deals?

When I first joined a B2B company, a colleague said to me: “At least you don’t have to deal with Twitter anymore.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Last fall, the Content Marketing Institute, and Marketing Profs, reported that 85% of B2B marketers use Twitter as part of their strategic marketing efforts. Surprisingly, that’s only 6% less than the traditional platform for B2B marketers – LinkedIn. 

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