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Google+: Behind the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The state of Google+ - infographic
With more than 1.15 billion registered users and 201 million active mobile users on a monthly basis, GooglePlus is a rocking social network that many businesses and brands haven't leveraged yet. Google+ is on the track to beat Facebook and become the most widely used social media. There were some very amazing insights, confirming that the social network is used by a large number of people, and is growing at a very strong ratio month after month. Take a look at this infographic from wearesocial team highlights the global G+ statistics, and compares to UK data where available.
Some key takeaways:
35 percent of Google+ accounts are actively using the social network on a monthly basis.
25 to 34 old are the most active demographic on Google+ (with 31 percent).
People upload more than 1.5 Billion images and gifs every week on Google+.

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Which Social Media Sites Should You Be On, and Why?

When people ask me which platforms they should be on, I have one answer for them that will solve all their problems:

You want to be where your audience is.

Plain and simple. Nothing more to it. Yet there’s this tendency to want to be everywhere, even if your ideal customers aren’t hanging out there. I think the term they use for it these days is FOMO - Fear of Missing Out!

If you preach to yoga loving Mums, then why on earth would you spend hours on LinkedIn each day?
If you’re in the financial industry selling insurance specifically to truck drivers, I can guarantee you wouldn’t have much success on Pinterest.

Yet we get sucked into wanting to be `popular’ and seen everywhere. As a result, we get completely overwhelmed, can’t keep up, and end up sporadically posting across every platform with no real strategy or content plan.

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Integrating Social Media, Direct, and Email Marketing

Business marketing used to be a relatively straightforward enterprise, costing you a fixed amount to advertise640px-Social-media-for-public-relations1 in newspapers, magazines and billboards. Direct mailers were commonplace, filling mail boxes across the neighborhood. In today's digital world, you need to take both email and social media into consideration. Both of these platforms, along with traditional direct mail, can be integrated seamlessly for increased profits and widespread brand recognition.

Take Your Email To The Next Level

Email is still a clever way to advertise your business, if you use it correctly. All of your contacts should have an email sent to them when your social media business page is up and running. In essence, you are announcing your "grand opening" on the social media platform.

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Facebook "Like" Fraud Video Explanation

Who has experienced this? There are a LOT of people, seemingly, agreeing that this has happened to them. The video has essentially gone viral with over 1 million views in just under 48 hours. 

Let us know what you think in the "Community" section. Have you experienced Facebook "Like" fraud? 

(Video via Veritasium's Youtube Channel)

How Content Marketing Lures 'em In and Hooks 'em

Q: Why did the fish cross the road? A: ‘Cause it was hooked!

O.K., lame jokes aside, “hooked” is what we want every curious visitor to become. As we discussed in an earlier post, growth hacking relies on funnel activation: get visitors to become users; get users to become lifetime buyers.

As that post makes clear, compelling content plays a significant part in activating visitors. Content functions as both the lure and the hook. It’s what brings visitors to your site and what will keep them coming back.

Not surprisingly then, a savvy content marketing campaign can increase user retention, and ultimately, ROI.

What is Content Marketing?

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