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Leveraging LinkedIn Connections

Connections matter. Big time. Recent research from Reachable.com shows just how much it impacts your ability to get a callback from a "stranger." In fact, you're:

  • 3x more likely if you contact a mutual acquaintance.
  • 4x more likely if the connection calls to make an introduction.
  • 11x more likely if they have an actual connection.

See. It does make a difference. But most sellers don't know how to leverage their LinkedIn connections nearly as much as they could.

LinkedIn Connections

To help you expand your thinking, here are some TRUE STORIES shared by people who took our 2013 Sales & LinkedIn Survey. By reading them, you'll discover numerous ways you can get in touch with someone even if you don't have a 1st level connection.

Connecting to CEOs. I always look to see if and how I am connected to a prospect. If I find a common connection, I'll normally speak with him/her first to find out how they're connected, what the experience was like and whether I can use their name. By doing this, I've landed a number of meetings with CEOs at target companies. ~ Ralph O.

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Facebook Launches Mobile App Ads for Increased Engagement and Conversion

facebook touch

So many mobile app marketers focus on one metric – CPI (cost per install), and while the number of installs was the first and primary KPI for user acquisition in the beginning, we're seeing a shift toward more advertisers wanting to attribute purchases and user engagement beyond the install back to their advertising partners. In fact, I'm speaking on a panel today at a conference by TapCommerce called just that, Beyond the Install, where we'll be discussing this very trend.

As you might imagine, a critical part of optimizing the funnel beyond the install is making sure users land in the most appropriate location within an app once they have it installed. That's exactly why Facebook announced a new feature providing just that.

This is designed to help drive engagement and help increase conversion rates for Facebook's Mobile App Ads program of which MobileAppTracking and several others are MMPs. Last year, Facebook introduced mobile app ads to drive installs, and since then, the social network has helped to drive over 145 million installs in the Google Play and Apple App stores. However, Facebook has realized that mobile is more than just installs, as 66% of app users only open apps between one and 10 times, with loyalty varying depending on the genre of the app. In fact, when it comes to dating and music apps, developers will be lucky if more than 20% of users stick around for more than 90 days.

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Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

If you are searching for the latest trends and tactics in social media marketing efforts, you have come to the right place. The following tips have been sourced from the pros of social media marketing, who have had huge success with the efforts that are described here. While keeping up with the latest changes and happenings in social media is not always easy, this will help you get a little refresher on the tactics that work and help you evaluate the overall effectiveness of the social media campaign that you have created for your business or brand.

Create Social Media Events

If you host online events that focus on your fans, you can build a raving community of loyal fans. An effective and fun online event can be created by hosting a "Fan Page Friday" or a virtual networking party. You can allow your fans to share the links to their pages on your page, which will actually increase the loyalty to your brand.

You can create an event that lasts for a period of 24 hours or longer, and it is a great opportunity to discover new businesses, acquire new fans and build a hug community, all while increasing your visibility on the news feed, as well.

There are many business owners that launch a social media event every week, however it is said to be much more effective if you only host these events every four or six weeks.

Use Images

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Tips to Use Pinterest as an Effective Marketing Tool

Tips to Use Pinterest as an Effective Marketing Tool

Pinterest is by far the latest emergence in the realm of popular social networking avenues. It has made huge strides in the world of social media marketing and provides affordable competition to the big names in social media, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

With Pinterest, users are able to discover and share interests with visual images. This social media site puts prominence on the position of videos ad images in order to share various types of information. You are able to post images directly from your computer or ones that you find on the Internet with the "Pin It" button on the convenient Pinterest bookmarklet.

In addition to being an effective and fun social media site, you can use it as a marketing tool for your business to target your audience, but on a global scale. There are several benefits that are offered when you use Pinterest, which are highlighted here.

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Fake Likes on Instagram Worth More than Stolen Credit Cards


Did you know that in the realm of black market e-commerce, a fake like is worth more than a stolen credit card number? Fake fans and likes are on the rise on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and they are worth more than ever. Companies are finding huge revenue in producing these fakes, despite the fact that social networks are cracking down more and more. The downside of these fake likes are when companies go out of control and expose themselves as having paid for their clout on social media.

How It Works

To create these fake likes and followers, hackers have begun manipulating a virus called Zeus. Zeus is typically used to steal credit card information. It makes a computer automatically produce likes and follows from certain users by infecting and controlling it from one central server. The hackers using Zeus sell this capability to companies looking to increase their Twitter following or generate more buzz around their Facebook statuses. This causes that topic or post to trend, meaning that more people will come into contact with it and view it as popular and worthy of their time and attention.

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