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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Job Descriptions Go Viral







A Salesforce.com Community Manager job description recently got 57 tweets, 20 likes, and 3,979 views. How'd they do it?

First, let's back up for a second. It's no secret there are more online venues to search for jobs than ever before. According to recent research, job candidates today use an average of five resources in their job searches, most of them online.

However, recruiters haven't yet adapted to all of these options and are only using one or two means of sharing a job. So, not only are jobs too cumbersome to apply for, but they aren't being seen by the appropriate candidates.

One remedy is to make your job description viral. A viral job has similar qualities to the other content (videos, websites, and photos) that you regularly share with your own social network. It's socially connectable, visually appealing and transparent. Here are five easy tips to help you get there:

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How your Twitter Handle could be Stolen and Sold

112987077Think your Twitter handle is safe from hackers? Think again. There's a pretty horrible security flaw that leaves your account vulnerable.

And if you have a snappy, one-word handle, you're more likely to be on a hacker's hit list.

Just ask @Blanket.

Buzzfeed reports that "Twitter user Daniel Dennis Jones — @blanket, at the time — received a notification that his Twitter password had been reset," and then after seeing his name changed and realizing he'd been hacked, he found his beloved @Blanket up for sale – alongside a BUNCH of other names:

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Facebook

112987077Cyber-bullying has become a major problem among teenagers, so many of whom have a presence on Facebook or other social media sites. Secure.me, which works to make social media a safer place, released some tips Monday for parents of teens on Facebook in the spirit of National Bullying Awareness Month, in an effort to prevent them from being cyberbullying targets.

Secure.me's Marina Ziegler feels that parents should educate their kids about how to properly use the Internet, passing along the knowledge that what's online is permanent. She noted that even information that is deleted from Facebook is still saved on its servers. Applications that know that information suddenly won't erase it. Knowing this, parents should tell their teens that the less information shared through the social network, the better.

Ziegler writes that parents should teach kids not to tease or taunt their classmates on Facebook, even if it's done in a fun or joking way. Online communication can lead to misunderstandings more often than face-to-face interactions. Parents should also ask children to talk to them if they feel they're being bullied either on Facebook or offline. It's important for parents not to track secretly, as that could lead to a breach of trust and spur bad behavior, but to let their kids know that they are watching.

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Love or Hate? Facebook's new personal promoted posts

112987077Facebook announced on Wednesday U.S. users will now be able to promote their personal posts to friends for a fee, but the news is being met with mixed reactions.

Although testing first started in New Zealand in May and has since rolled out to more than 20 countries, those in the U.S. can now pay to make sure your network never misses a big update in your life, from a baby announcement to an event you're organizing. But each promoted post will cost you $7.

That's right, you can pay to make sure your content is seen by friends on Facebook. This raises two major questions: Why should you have to pay for something that was once already a part of the site, and does this mean we'll now inundated with life updates we don't really care about?

Some argue users might not take advantage of the promoted option, while others believe it could be a great resource for getting news out about bands, garage sales and ticketed events. Facebook seems to think it will make the entire experience better for its users.

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Warning: Facebook's Promoted Posts Fall Flat

112987077A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to appear on Inside Edition to discuss social media. Well - more specifically I was there to discuss the scandal associated with the newly revealed fact that Boo the Dog's owner is a Facebook employee.

While this may not scream scandal at first blush - you should know that Boo the Dog has a Facebook page with millions of fans. So when Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, Calls a Facebook Employee "Mom" the world wants to know the potentially scandalous implications - Did she leverage insider tactics to glean so many "likes" on her dog's Facebook page? Could this be an inside job? You get the drift. Of course there was minimal scandal, lots of hype and all sorts of social media silliness. Truism: cute dogs will always help to glean the attention in any story.

So there I was - on national television commenting on the cutest dog in the world. It was a great appearance for Silverback Social and frankly - it was fun. I was excited to share the segment with the Silverback Social community. So I posted the link to the segment on our Facebook page. In doing so I thought I would give this special appearance a bit of a push - so for the first time I decided to spend some extra money and promote the segment via Facebook's new promoted posts. For those of you that aren't familiar with Promoted Posts - Facebook defines them as

"an easy way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends Visit your page to try promoting a post." 

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