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3 Shocking Social Media... Ahem... Errors of Judgement

112987077Your company has just dropped a huge clanger. Your logo's blasted across every news outlet and you're getting torn to shreds on twitter. That's when people always say the same thing. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

That may have been true in the past. When getting your brand into the public eye was an expensive and complicated exercise. With the advent of social media, every brand uses their own online channel to access loyal customers and gain new ones. You can now create your own publicity, and make it all positive, so the old truism starts to lose its power.

Social media has also created more opportunity for large community debate, and widespread criticism. Mistakes on social media tend to be picked up more quickly and attacked more ferociously than mainstream media gaffes. That should mean that brands, in total control of their own accounts, should be really careful about what they say. Which makes it all the more shocking when they're not.

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Why businesses should be using Google+ Local

112987077Google+ Local, formerly Google Places, is a valuable resource for any retailer looking to use the web to drive offline sales.

In a nutshell, it allows businesses to create a listing (via a Google+ page) which will appear next to relevant, especially local, search results.

As more people use smartphones to search for local businesses, a well optimised Google+ Local listing is an essential.

This is something I covered in our recent How the Internet can Save the High Street report.

Here's why offline businesses should be creating a listing...

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The Intangibles of Social Media

112987077This weekend I was watching football (Go Gators!) and the commentators were talking about a particular player and what he brought to the team. They talked about his touchdowns and rushing yards, and play making abilities. All the reasons you recruit a player.

But then they started talking about his intangibles - what he brings to the team that doesn't show up in his scouting report or post game stats. They talked about his work ethic, how he makes players want to come to practice and perform. They talked about his leadership abilities and how he rallies the team to work together. They talked about his energy and how he gets players hyped throughout the game.

In social media, ROI is a sensitive issue. Social media is a relatively new and scary area for businesses to venture in to, and they're all asking the same question: "Is it worth it? Will our investment pay off?"Do these things have an impact on the team and result in wins? Of course they do. But, you can't find a stat for it. You can't find a stat for every high-five or pre-game speech. Every player already has an incredible amount of talent, but maybe that extra focus in practice allows them to recognize a hole in the defense. Maybe that high five they received on the sidelines motivated them to push harder and get an extra yard for a first down. You can't quantify those intangibles, you don't recruit for those intangibles, but it's those intangibles that help win games and develop a strong team.

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10 More Experts Weigh in on Social Marketing

112987077The second 10 social marketing experts in this blog series were: Top, from left: Gini Dietrich, Scott DeYager, Suzanne Vara, Ric Dragon, Amber Naslund; Bottom, from left: Avinash Kaushik, Valerie Simon, Paul Gillin, Dan Leveille, Steve Farnsworth
Social media marketing is a new and growing field of study. As someone who is now charged with teaching the basics in this field to college students I have turned to experts to ask them three questions about what makes a successful social marketer and how important social will be as a part of the marketing mix.

I've now asked these questions of 20 experts. Their answers were always informative and sometimes surprising.

Today, in case you missed any of the posts, I recap highlights from the second 10 experts who agreed to talk to me (see the link below to read a summary of the first 10). New posts in the series will begin later this week:


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How To Optimize LinkedIn's New Company Pages

112987077Despite its no-nonsense, all-business remit, LinkedIn isn't afraid of cutting a dash in the office and has updated its image in a number of ways recently.

Unlike the changes we're seeing on some other social networks, LinkedIn's have all been genuine improvements which put functionality and community first.

This week saw major changes to a feature that's previously been rather frustrating for managers: Company pages.

LinkedIn has always concentrated on putting the individual first, so building a unified company presence on the site has had unique challenges in the past. Hopefully this makeover will give companies a chance to give their branding a more dynamic presence.

Having just updated Econsultancy's LinkedIn page, I thought it would be good to run through the major changes and look at ways to optimise your business page on LinkedIn...

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