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Summer: There's No Better Time to Master Inbound Marketing!

Summer Theres No Better Time to Master Inbound Marketing

Even marketers need a little time off! A finely crafted inbound strategy allows you to sit back, enjoy the pool, and let interested leads find you (while you take all the credit). It's not easy to optimize your inbound marketing though – so here are a few helpful resources put together by our friends at Marketo that make it a snap to get great quality leads through tactics like SEO, PPC, and social.

1. The Inbound Marketers Guide to SEO and PPC

Discover how to fine tune your SEO and PPC efforts to ensure that interested buyers find you instead of your competitors.
Click here: http://ow.ly/n1Dye

2. The Inbound Marketing Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet summarizes the most critical tips and tricks you need to optimize your inbound efforts, plus offers insight on how measure success from your inbound channels.
Click here: http://ow.ly/n1DHp

3. CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing

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Three free brilliant social media guidebooks to help you maximize your marketing

Three free brilliant social media guidebooks to help you maximize your marketing2

Are you feeling overwhelmed with so much new happening in social media? We've been given three new great guidebooks by our friends at HubSpot to help you make sense of it all. You can download one or all three absolutely free. Take a look at these great resources:

1. Building a Killer Content Strategy

The effectiveness of your social media strategy relies upon having interesting, relevant, and valuable content to share. Take the guesswork out of your content planning with this free guide on how to create a finely-tuned and successful content strategy that is custom-made for your audience.
Get your free ebook copy here: http://bit.ly/13Kox1e

2. Social Media Marketing Kit

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Want Better Facebook ROI? Create a Better Buyer Persona

Are you struggling with your Facebook marketing? If so, ask yourself this: who are you trying to reach on Facebook?

Just because "everyone is on Facebook" doesn't mean that everyone on Facebook wants to do business with you. To wade through the masses, flesh out a buyer persona — a well-defined profile of a person most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Your business might uncover several types of people who'd benefit from your products or services. While this might be true, focus on one persona at a time. Again, hone in on the person most likely to do business with you..

Jot down some notes about this person. Is this individual most likely female? How old is she? What type of job does she have? Does she watch her news on MSNBC, FOX, a local network, or public television? What does she find frustrating about the products or services in your niche? Really flesh out this person.

Now draw a portrait of her. Seriously! Is she wearing heels, clogs, or sneakers? Is she holding a Coach bag or a diaper bag? Don't worry if your sketch looks like you had one hand tied behind your back. This image is for your eyes only. And it's for you to keep in mind as you interact on Facebook. You are marketing to that person.

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Gmail Switcheroo Causes Freak Out - Relax; Opt Out is Easy

One day life is normal. The next—why is all my email being sorted into tabs?! Winston Ross calms the hysteria over Gmail's switcheroo and offers quick fixes to go back to the way things looked before.


While far too many of you spent Tuesday laying odds on the name, gender, and birth weight of a tot you'll never meet and who could turn out to be a royal pain in the arse, some of us had work to do. So the phased-in arrival of Gmail's new "Priority Inbox" flew in like the stork, delivering a gurgling little bundle of cuteness and joy.

Or unabated wailing.

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Community Management: Trust and Social Media Marketing


Building trust in your social media marketing can be a daunting task. The every day consumer has heard just about every marketing message, and too often has a general distrust for brands themselves. It's hard enough to hone your message, let alone address the many security and compliance risks that can erode the trust of your social media marketing in a flash.

To help address this issue, we're creating a blog series entirely devoted to the topic of building trust in your social community. In this first of our three-part blog series on community management, we'll look at the importance of trust in social media marketing.

Trust and community management go hand-in-hand
Salesforce Marketing CloudIt's no secret that building community is good for business. Not only does a company's community management strategy shape its customer base, but it also determines the duration of business-consumer relationships. But community management is no easy task. A recent article from the leader in social CRM, Salesforce, says, "Building lasting, personal relationships is one of the biggest challenges for any business, large or small."

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