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Google+ Redesign: What You Need to Know


During a a three hour long keynote at the I/O conference, Google announced 41 new features for Google+, including a new look stream and profile pages, hashtags, trending topics, photo enhancement and greater integration with Hangouts.

We've tried out some of the most important and interesting (below) for your perusal. All of these features were rolled out immediately and are available now.

Redesigned Layout

The design of the stream and profile is quite reminiscent of Pinterest and the yet to be released Facebook newsfeed. Each post is in a box in a two-column view with a slide out navigation to the left handside. You can now use hashtags in posts, in the same way as Twitter, and clicking on them will take you to other posts tagged with that hashtag.

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Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media


Dear Bob & Doug:

I'm the CEO of a youth fashion chain aimed at elite teens who think our clothes are the cost of admission to the non-loser tables in the cafeteria. Obviously, we don't want a bunch of tubby dorkwads in our clothes, because their inferiority rubs off on the brand. I've been saying this for years, but now I mention something about us not selling to fat chicks, because, duh, and suddenly I'm the Mr. Meanie. Dude, what happened?

—Mystified in the Mall

Dear Mystified:

What happened was the Relationship Era. Now everybody knows how bad your values are, what kind of messages you are sending children and generally what a jerk you are. Your marketing strategy is bullying. Enjoy the conversation, Dude. It'll be about you.

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LinkedIn Debuts "Channels" in Revamp of LinkedIn Today


Two years ago, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today, a digital newspaper that compiles stories from around the Web based on what a user's connections and industry peers are reading. On Wednesday, the professional networking site unveiled a redesign of the news site with a refreshed look and a new content discovery feature called Channels.

Through Channels, people can follow more than 20 broader topic areas crossing over different industries, including Your Career, Economy, Social Impact, Big Ideas, Innovation, and Higher Education, with more to come over time. Once someone begins following a channel, they automatically get updates directly to their home page feed on the desktop.

The revamped LinkedIn Today also incorporates the Influencer blog network the company introduced last fall. Along with channels, users can now also access tabs at the top of the page to see a list of all 250 Influencers and top Influencer posts of the day from Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Meg Whitman.

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The Decline of Social Media Impact

With the introduction of social media a decade ago, businesses and companies gained a powerful new marketing tool. They were now able to interact with customers and network with other businesses to spread the word about who they were and what they had to offer. A comment, question or concern would be directly addressed with a tailor made response that was unique to that specific person. Consumers knew they could find the answers for the questions they had simply by visiting a social media site.

This was considered serendipity! The one-on-one interaction was a new marketing tool that would help businesses and brands reach the top of their game because of the ability to directly reach those interested in what they had to offer.

Fast forward six years....

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Is Yahoo's Marissa Mayer about to Acquire Tumblr for $1 Bn?


In a deal that would vault Yahoo into the premiere league of social media, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is said to be closing in on a $1 billion acquisition deal with David Karp, the CEO of New York-based Tumblr.

Details of the talks leaked out earlier Thursday via AllThingsD, a site which prides itself on its Yahoo sources in particular. A later report in AdWeek, via its own sources, cited $1 billion as the figure currently under discussion. Coincidentally, that is said to be the valuation Tumblr was going to get at its next funding round.

Both sites were cautious to emphasize that the talks could come to naught. Mayer is clearly interested; she's known and admired Karp's New York-based site for years. Tumblr and its 107 million microblogs would add another 15 billion pageviews a month to Mayer's hoard. Most important of all, it could make Yahoo look cool again.

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