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7 Ways to Help Boost the Performance of Your Confirmation Emails

7 ways to help boost the performance of your confirmation emails

The confirmation email might be the least used way to make a real connection. Which is too bad because a confirmation email is a huge opportunity. It connects you with a person who has already decided to interact with your organization. They're already interested. They’ve already acted on that interest. So you need to make it count.

Wait, don’t know what a confirmation email is?

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3 Popular Social Media 'Hacks' - The Pros, The Cons and The Risks

3 popular social media hacks the pros cons and the risks

An inevitability in the age of algorithms is that people are going to try and find ways to ‘hack’ them, to cheat the system, to get an advantage based on whatever tools they think they have available.

Of course, that approach makes sense – if you can get your business more exposure, why wouldn’t you? This is particularly true of platforms like Facebook, which now reaches 2 billion people. If you knew a way to cheat Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and boost your reach, you’d do it, especially since Facebook organic reach for Pages has declined so significantly in recent times.

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9 Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017 [Infographic]

9 digital marketing certifications you can get in 2017

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving space, making it difficult to get a 'qualification' of sorts to prove your expertise. But there are some core elements that are essential, some details that are key to establishing your digital knowledge-base. And you can get qualifications which will both help you learn the basics and provide evidence of that knowledge.

There are various digital certifications on offer, including courses from Google, Bing or HubSpot, while you can even complete training on Facebook and Twitter marketing, run by the platforms themselves. Each of these courses provides key lessons, and can also be listed on your LinkedIn profile to help boost your credentials.

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4 Ways to Encourage Social Employee Advocacy in Your Business

4 ways to encourage social employee advocacy in your business

With the right tools, leadership and support, employees can be one of the best sources of digital engagement. People want to engage with other people online - while company profiles provide a trustworthy aspect; community engagement is still more effective when it's P2P (person to person).

Who better to lead the charge than employees? They have inside knowledge of the business, and most are already familiar with latest social networks. In addition, it can also help them build their own online authority, as well as that of the business.

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A Complete Guide to Facebook and Instagram Ad Targeting Options [Infographic]

a complete guide to facebook and instagram ad targeting options

Whether you like it or not, Facebook knows a lot about you. A study released back in 2015 showed that your Facebook Like profile could reveal intricate details about your psychological make-up and preferences, finding, ultimately, that Facebook knows you better than your family, your friends, even your partner.

In fact, in some instances, Facebook data revealed more about a person than they even knew about themselves.

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