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5 Rapport Building Tips for Influencer Outreach on Twitter

5 rapport building tips for influencer outreach on twitter

The influence pyramid has been overturned, organizations and brands no longer command power, compared to when advertising first began on television. Trust in brands is at an all time low, while any individual can build an influential presence using social media.

Now, more than ever before, it's become important to invest in influencer outreach and relationship building. 

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Instagram’s Rolling Out New Tools to Remove ‘Toxic Comments’

instagrams rolling out new tools to remove toxic comments

Instagram’s rolling out some new moderation tools which will use machine learning to detect not only offensive language and spam, but also, comments that are considered discouraging for other users.

As explained by Instagram:

“Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from enjoying Instagram and expressing yourself freely. To help, we’ve developed a filter that will block certain offensive comments on posts and in live video.”

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How to Prioritize Your Inbox For Maximum Productivity [Infographic]

how to prioritize your inbox for maximum productivity

Digital marketing professionals spend way more than half their waking lives with their eyes locked on computer screens, smartphones and devices, so much so that it becomes a whole new environment for them.

If you find yourself wading daily through a mess of notifications, personal messages, random spam and unattended comments, you can make life a lot more pleasant by clearing out your email inbox. It takes a bit of work to get it clear in the first place but, once you’ve spring-cleaned and you have it looking handsome and organized, keeping it so is just a matter of good discipline.

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How Do Facebook Ads Work for Small Business?

how do facebook ads work for small business

“I think every business tries Facebook ads, fails at it and then blames the platform,” says digital marketing expert Neil Patel.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone if a minute or two in Power Editor leaves your head spinning and wondering, “Wait… so how do Facebook ads work?!”

Don’t even know what Power Editor is? Hey, you’re in good company. The majority of Facebook users don’t (more on that later).

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