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Facebook Launches New Customer Chat Website Plugin as Part of Messenger Platform 2.2

facebook launches new customer chat website plugin as part of messenger platform 2 2

While Messenger is taking a little longer than Facebook would have hoped to become the all-encompassing business and personal companion tool Zuck and Co. have envisioned, there is still plenty of time for the platform to take hold, and plenty of opportunity, given Messenger’s continued growth.

Furthering their efforts to expand Messenger’s business potential, Facebook has today released Messenger Platform 2.2, adding in some new tools and features to provide new brand connection and marketing opportunities.

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New Report Underlines the Power of User-Generated Content, Rising Influence of Social

new report underlines the power of user generated content rising influence of social

Sprout Social has released it's latest social media research report, this time looking at the impact social platforms have had on how we share personal updates - and how such updates are subsequently influencing purchase behavior.

First up, In what will come as little surprise, Sprout found that 79% of people now view social media as the preferred option for sharing life milestones with their friends and family.

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How Social Media Can Degrade Consumer Trust (and How to Counter it)

how social media can degrade consumer trust and how to counter it

Modern business advice states that you need a social media presence. There are a ton of books, blogs and expert voices out there saying you need social media, and that you need to scale it so that everyone knows about you. However, when it comes to subsequent downsides of the medium, it seems like these experts disappear.

In this post, we're going to look at some of the potential negative impacts of social, and how it can ruin your business if you aren't careful.

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5 Ways to Upgrade your Instagram Strategy

5 ways to upgrade your instagram strategy

An average of 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day. That’s a whole lot of #squadgoals and #ootd shots.

It’s also a very good reason to make sure your Instagram strategy stands out from the crowd. With its ever-increasing user growth and high brand engagement rates (according to Forrester, brand engagement on Instagram was 10x higher than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest, and 84x higher than Twitter), it’s clear that Instagram is becoming an increasingly valuable social network for marketers in all industries.

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