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The Art of Storytelling in Marketing

the art of storytelling in marketing

Hieroglyphics. Cave dwellings. Fireside chats. Ghost stories at a campsite that scared you so much you were afraid to go to sleep. Telling stories is one of the most fundamental ways in which we communicate with each other, and while the mediums through which we do this are changing, the concept remains the same.

Something happens in our heads, in our brains, when we hear stories. Think about it – how much do you retain, when sitting in a classroom, or watching someone show you a Powerpoint presentation? Now think about how much you retain when your best friend tells you a story about something that recently happened?

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Top Social Network Demographics 2017 [Infographic]

top social network demographics 2017 infographic

"Where’s your audience at?"

This is one of the key questions you need to answer to maximize your social media marketing efforts – there’s little point going all-in on Snapchat if the people you’re trying to reach are over on Instagram.

To help with this, the team at Trackx have created this new infographic which provides an overview of some of the key audience stats for all the major social platforms.

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How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

how to spy on your competitors facebook ads

Ever wondered what kind of Facebook Ads competitors in your space are running? Do you sometimes feel like you hit a creative wall with your ads?

You're in luck - I have a great way to spy on your competitors’ Facebook Ads and ways to get different ideas for future campaigns.

This tactic was shown to me by an amazing colleague of mine and I just had to share.

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Hootsuite Acquires Snapchat Analytics Solution to Enhance the Digital Marketing Campaigns

hootsuite acquires snapchat analytics solution to enhance the digital marketing campaigns

Hootsuite, the social media management platform, today announced the acquisition of the Snapchat analytics solution created by Naritiv, a Los Angeles-based content creation company powering stories for brands.

Following its recent acquisitions of digital advertising technology leader AdEspresso, and social analytics solution-provider, LiftMetrix, this announcement underscores Hootsuite’s continued investment across today’s most relevant social networks and momentum in building a best-in-class social marketing solution.

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The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in February [Infographic]

the most discussed issues on facebook and instagram in february

While the first two Facebook/Instagram ‘Hot Topics’ monthly reports of 2017 have come a bit later in the proceeding month than they had been delivered previously, they still offer some great insights and data on relevant trends. It’s just a little more behind time.

Facebook’s Hot Topics report highlights the subjects generating the most discussion across The Social Network - and importantly, who’s discussing them, demographic wise, which can help marketers get a better understanding of the issues and subjects most relevant to their specific target audiences.

This has a number of advantages and use-cases – at its most basic, it enables brands to see which subjects are resonating most with their target audience, confirming or informing understanding and helping to shape more relevant, topical content.

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