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The Best Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn [Infographic]

the best ways to market your business on linkedin

With more than 500 million users, and more than 44% of them earning at least $75,000, is it any wonder that LinkedIn has become a prime platform for marketing?

The world’s largest professional network is designed for social selling, with some 50% of B2B buyers indicating that they use it when making purchasing decisions.

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Facebook's Removing the Ability to Edit Link Previews - Here Are Your Alternatives

facebooks removing the ability to edit link previews here are your alternatives

Over the past few weeks, major publishers have been calling on Facebook to reverse their decision to remove the capacity to edit link previews when you post content to your Facebook Page.

As we’ve reported previously, back in April, Facebook announced a pending change to their Graph API which would remove the ability for Pages to edit link previews attached to posts – that change comes into effect this week, but the backlash has lead to Facebook providing a stay of execution, of sorts, on the feature for some Pages, with a new option that will enable publishers to maintain the capacity to edit previews.

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3 Reasons Why Facebook Groups May Offer New Opportunities for Brands

3 reasons why facebook groups may offer new opportunities for brands

Facebook has been putting bigger emphasis on Groups of late, even altering their overall mission statement to reflect as much. And there’s good reason for this – Facebook Groups now have more than a billion monthly active users, which is more than Instagram and Snapchat combined.

According to Facebook more than 100 million people are members of what they call "very meaningful" groups.

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You’ve Got Your Analytics, Now What?

youve got your analytics now what

How you report your numbers is important. You need to share your findings in a way that's meaningful to your organization. To make them meaningful, your reports should align with your goals. As well, a report should be actionable. Pair your measurements with recommendations to improve.

What's working? Capitalize on that. What isn’t working? Do you need to pivot to another tactic?

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