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Integrating Social Media, Direct, and Email Marketing

Business marketing used to be a relatively straightforward enterprise, costing you a fixed amount to advertise640px-Social-media-for-public-relations1 in newspapers, magazines and billboards. Direct mailers were commonplace, filling mail boxes across the neighborhood. In today's digital world, you need to take both email and social media into consideration. Both of these platforms, along with traditional direct mail, can be integrated seamlessly for increased profits and widespread brand recognition.

Take Your Email To The Next Level

Email is still a clever way to advertise your business, if you use it correctly. All of your contacts should have an email sent to them when your social media business page is up and running. In essence, you are announcing your "grand opening" on the social media platform.

Add a link to the site, making it easier for them to visit immediately. Go even further by providing incentive. For example, offer a 10 percent discount off a popular product or service if they "like" or "follow" your page. Interactive incentives tempt everyone to visit, read and promote your social media page, while possibly gaining more customers through word-of-mouth.

Be Consistent On Social Media

The key to a successful social media site is consistent posts. Update statuses, tweet and post photos at least once a day to keep your brand in customer's minds. Add an email address to the end of a social media survey, for example, to hear comments about your business or any issues that have arisen. Some people may not feel comfortable sharing business information through a comment on a social media website. Offering a distinct email address gives customers options.

Direct Mail With A Punch

Make your direct mail advertising exciting by adding a QR code. Also known as Quick Response, these codes are simply decorative squares printed on your direct mail. However, customers use their tablets or smartphones to scan the code. Their device is immediately redirected to your website or social media page, depending on your selection. These codes offer a child-like layer to the direct mail. Customers are curious about their mystery destination when they scan it.

To create an even better marketing plan, place a different QR code on each monthly direct mail flyer. You surprise your customers with a different website location each month, such as sending them to an instant coupon or to a video with a helpful business insight. Creativity makes customers stand up and listen to your business platform.

Combine Email and Direct Mail

If your customers are concerned about paper waste flowing through their offices, consider emailing direct mail flyers. Each month, email specific customers with a sale offer. The key to marketing success is matching the customer to the product. For example, email your coffee shop customers a flyer on coffee machine care, along with a coupon offering a percentage off maintenance service. For your ice machine business owners, create a flyer directed at their needs, with an applicable coupon. Keeping the flyer personal and easy to access through email allows your customers to share the information for even more brand recognition.

Photos Work Wonders

Keep your brand in people's minds by using photos. Whether it is a cartoon or photograph, email, tweet or post the picture throughout your social media platforms. Encourage customers to share it. Some customers may even print it out to show other colleagues in the field, for example, generating a cost-free form of flyers.

Encourage your customers to post and tweet their photos of your products or services. Repost them as a business to show that you acknowledge their activity. Through social interaction, you keep a customer happy, willing to visit and buy more items in the future.

Integrating direct mail, email and social media in today's busy marketing world takes consideration of your unique business. Your customer base is the best place to start, giving you ideas of what could work to bring in more business. Being aware of your customer's needs is the first step to successful marketing.

(Article and image via Social Media Today)

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