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Drive For Five - 500,000 members

Drive-4-Five SocialMediopolis Membership DriveSocialMediopolis and our sister LinkedIn group, Social Media Marketing, has just passed the 300,000 member mark. That makes us the 4th largest group on LinkedIn and the LARGEST professional social media marketing group on the planet. It is quite an accomplishment that we can all be proud of. BUT, it is just the beginning! I am confident we can hit 500,000 members in record time and to celebrate that, we are announcing a membership drive promotion with an exciting sweepstakes.

Here's what you will have the opportunity to win:

Access to an exclusive 3-part video training series on "How To Build Your Own LinkedI Group", presented by yours truly.

A complete professional office makeover, including office equipment and expert makeover of your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages... by some of the best known experts in the world! This is easily a $5,000 value package.

So how do you participate? It's easy-peasy... just watch for the announcement and simply invite a friend, colleague, associate, family member or even your dog (if they can remember their Facebook password). It's coming soon.

Our goal is to build the biggest, baddest, most active collaborative community for professional social media marketers that has ever existed. The more people who join, the more successful we will all be.

Here's to your success ~

Mike Crosson

Moderator and Publisher

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